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How to Avoid Influenza and Other Infectious Diseases

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HOW TO AVOID INFLUENZA AND OTHER INFECTIOUS DISEASES. ” Purify the blood and keep it pure or the poisons will soon lower the vitality and disease- resistance, thus rendering you easy prey for the dangerous germs which lurk in the air everywhere,” says medical man. Advises drinking alkaline medicinal water for quick results. Gives prescription for easily preparing it at home. Flushes the kidneys, stimulates the liver, and thoroughly washes out clogged intestines. These latter breed blood poisons as a swamp breeds mosquitoes. u r I! ,p t it iof Ir tern itioni rpu t.t [ oldh to pn lutun.l nolll .LLt on ly li possible at any l in c,i ntih .iou- th.it ,. p lierson tlh – ill t! it . but phic lo.tuba tl f i~il Ilh,. h httlc to lc ” fromn Illellrni[; Liv.r s r ttatlng cathartic drug, or bowel- i l iiti I:lntlltl o ios i ‘e. T1″1hi e germlt l (Oll n ulllii g ipuio tlSir “l lot r n ht a l u need ht”-” ,u. nI thi ,ir tnstantin, and to ,tVid to pushty the blood. Thes are likely to ,ins Il I ol 1,l to them I prtctlctll .kein andI upset thle dig.-lon, to ImIlpoerlsh IInl l.- ‘l h- biut the 1 I L s r whin pu1ell.- u lI the lblooid, adi t -O umake lhitter st ill worse. .le-i’ s tihe pt tr Ito ret-t their develop To l.uf n quirck dl satisl.ictori- result in a Slt111. I lode;il t!hel t 1h.11tillt-‘, otheu-ci e no pe I rlolctl- hi.trmlil s wJa.t , ‘get it small itppiv oi h, . !ll hc ‘.- IIik.iiil ih Saltrittes ron1m tlnt ichrmust. Ilisolve I Il10r’ Illoo.I litn ill- ]illpool hei lith alt.tr-. Icvil teaspunfu ol in t1 tumbllner oi water oand i iiin till Il i t , the t bod ‘ s ol i source drtnk thil. plleasant-taut.n miedn cinal iioter nl n i 1 11 .iii ,lt n til isin lo lu lll sv ith l onlto or itce a day It Ill qitcklyi be )LlII : ull i’ i i I ‘u.-u rullutu I -uLt uu llln t ,t t t ithe ,bsolb- d into tlhe b.lood. and tl schen being ,.t Iuu . Il- ]1 t u i n.lu lti:on shoull libe ulterted out tli ni bi the kdnll rs t takes with Lli.d1 i l1 tht’ utiinllit c’.i jIust noiw. or It all the acidullts or other inmipuritilt which it ‘ It d – . olou t pto-ible i II It lreadlv It iha ab-orbed i old eii utralo d.t sshile in the slili- I tll ta quii iki lead to dple-tedt blood It also n lrtshe. out the intetines, lII’e dii.lnge4d ta tigutn intl iloweretd gently ‘ stunlatc. the liver, and tlhorouughlv ii tlltit lai iniucs lt olttis t l d i di-‘– imhinhe the ,kilns. ITryving to get rnl of -.iq ut u poiriS t r i.is rbe o the dunger blood impurities in aiti any othr way is, in my mrirk as to ei. lcr anything from a commonr opinion, merely wasting time.


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