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In the Trenches at the Aisne:"Tommy" in the "Rabbit-Warren."

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The Battle of the Aisne, which is now in its fourth week, developed some time ago into a condition of siege-warfare on both sides, accompanied by an incessant artillery- duel. The trenches of the Allies have been described as rivalling those of the Germans in the excellence of their construction, and the whole of the entrenched countryside has been likened to a great military rabbit-warren.

Some of the British troops have been able to enjoy a game of football, and in the trenches they amuse themselves with cards and dominoes, reading and writing letters. They receive newspapers, and the postal arrangements are in good working order. Everything possible is done in the way of recreation for the men to relieve the long wait during which they seldom see the enemy, but are subjected to his shells.

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Oct, 10 1914

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