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LLOYD’S e. 6 “eelc THEORIGINAL EUXESIS FOR EASY SHAVING. WITHOU TTH USE OF SOAP, WATRn, O BRUSH The abela of the ORIGIINAL and GENULlNE Euntes iprnted Wth olack Ink ONLY on a Yllo NR i (anound, and bears tbis TRADE MARI[+t saw R. tIOVEOEtN and SONS, Itd.. the Poprietors Sbouu¢¢hf the batnxss, wnl the rtcip, ttdtt knak, d ¢¢ dKU fr – f i etti of ltate A t A. S. Iloyd. T ¢ennIIIIIC is now *nnn tt ONLY at eir Factory. Whokvl only; R. HOYEI)00 ·,ed SONS. Ltd.. lbnxrsStreet, ..-A4 City RoadEC,

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Issue 3981. - Vol CXLVII

Aug, 07 1915

Illustrated London News