Lombardy Towns of Italy

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– i THE BESTOWAL OF DECORATIONS IN THE FRENCH ARMY : AN OFFICER RECEIVING THE ACCOLADE FROM A FRENCH GENERAL. l- inteiest ng photograph was takeln k e ntly at a certain plate In France du.ing the .elemony of bestowing mlitary decorations on olicels and Inn who have distinguished themselve, in the war. I’ ,- f., b SrI nrIVl,.t .

liHE ,ENILER SEX, LIKE RECRUITS. ARE INSPIRED BY MARTIAL MUSIC A BAND OF THE CHURCH GIRLS NURSING AND AMBULANCE BRIGADE IN REGENT STREET. Muih interest was auosued in London on Saturday afternoon Ithe 14th) by the brass band of the Church Girls’ Nursing and Anbulanlc Bllgade, whlch marched along Regent Street playing inspurting airs The War Office intends to make more use of bands to assist lecctlting and stmlulate popular enthusiasmn Evidently woman also finds mspiration in music for her duties m time of war.–PIiol,,staph by Fopicsl.j

bricks. At the end of his eulogies one sees nothing. t’/ually lie is tar too ‘ eloquent ” for easy unider- ,tanduli. here, for example, is hi\ lie puts one uo i; ,eths ailhorll)ismlbs ” in another tay ” : ” A traveller In bullting a fair lhouse in the mind; ibut hlie must I:La, a stout frallnwiorkl kno tnlldge belole lie call lay il slhingles of obcrvation.” Personally, we prefer .Agaii, in h1i5 itt.rlpttiion i tlie treasury of ltionz.i C(athedral, lie blurs the efriet 0 n striving to include o mu I in his l-ord-paintig. Here is part of hi: description : i ” Crosses, cup-, Sa-es, medallioils, chalies, lonstrances, pyxes, crucifixes, statuettes, lampllo , (andel- abla, platters, initres, coI:rs, goblets, rexers, urns, i pergnes, reliquarlire vessels o0 ever’i shape and size, ;ll gi’ttering In guold or silver, (Iembossed, engraved, perforated, damnasi ned, Intagliateld, rehlved isu:liptuously itil Iilrles anil ilesigls, and ii large part set t itl ieist-ent gesls, i ioiphanoius or prtismatic as the chang- se hles oi tihe cilhaeleoni. ….It reads like a pae. (llt of a dictliolarv, conveyingo lo neaning- only sorsi]. The sentlnie which, Iby the way, is not filullid-is iypual of thei literary style in thIsich the Iook is si-ritten Not!llng escapes Ills e v: he tells us everytlling and iet, beause lie tells is evertthing, perhaps, we really s, nothing. IHe is as ai greedy of facts as Barideker hi:!lcllt , and hlie presents them to us alllost as fr-mally.

()ne long lor te ” hllian ” toucl, for ti sign oft poetry and irn- agination by lwich alole beautit ir be made ivid through words. The book is extremely valuable as inmtormation, as history, as a glorified guide – book to be read on the spot; but for those who have never visited tile towns of Lombardy, or whio wish to see them again through the imagina- tion of an author who knows them and loves them, the result is hkely to be disappointing.

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