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“The Morning Scrape” Writing Gom S.lis a swsays : – “A lde rhikq At W .da rl .1 j F- iiUsdld wUemib. It W as diims .c 5. brae AeI~bfw mu d iin~a5.~ Ad~d. But aq link of McClinton s Shooing Cramp (Which t iea a ddiahtfol and irud .thou l ther a d qwic4y sfies the heard wen .iih kr-mid Waier). a fw hrrid arhes WA the rmsre. fdi.rd by the app/est n ofMcilntw’ Toad ~ Cran-ind iJ mroam a Mde .rb foes pure muabla 1 anud t 8 ads or br is p Mr wth cClit..’ S av Soe e Gecwa. Try dmmm, a d y w t`M t ey we j.t w~e fh YOU. HTWaes. in dsa 1/ Fn .. .7M. SlavingC . in Po6 or Tieo .9d. ad I/- WýC LI NTON S ShavingSoapfCream hn& in pa r puued a aIhidGaie 5..,. “;d e ob o” ICo e. N. and 1/-; a vie r ptf Talsa Cro. 1/- McuLNTO4s. Lad. (D.,e. A Y). DONAGHMORE. IRELAND.

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Issue 4118. - Vol CLII

Mar, 23 1918

Illustrated London News