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111 1 IIilllllllllllllllllllllll Illllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll II I IIIIIIIIIIIIIii 1 1 III II I IIIIIII IIII IIII IIIIIIII I II lllll I IIIIII1lllllll lllllllllllllll IIIII U l IIII I Illllllllllllll IIIIII III MIIUIIIIIIIIII I IIII I IIIIII Fresh Milk& Mellins Food – Baby’s Perfect Diet You can satisfy yourself thoroughly, without expense, that Mellin’s Food will do all that is claimed for it, and that it is all that its record proves it to be – the right food and the best food for every baby, because it modifies and renders complete and fitted I) for the use of an infant FRESH COW’S MILK. Vh Doctors Endorse its Value Mellin’s Food is declared by leading authorities to be i ) A wll-known Doctor writes “Iprescribe the ideal basis for the hand-fed baby’s diet. Added to C[l Mellin s Food largely, because I find that made up with fresh cows milk it is for Fresh Milk,Mellin’s Food hunanises it and thus forms superior to foods mae with water only. the best possible substitute for healthy Mother’s milk. G – Th b.othe of ‘ Mellin’s’ for Perfect Development t”T~ photo showrs my l any a sound constitution has been steadily built up on ‘Mellin’s,’ many bh.6 b, at2 montfht, a weak and ailing mite has been saved, strengthened, and developed olD, seighEd g i ts Val into a healthy. hearty child by this splendid food. There’s no secret S”” n c ted h our about it. By preserving all the vital properties which only Fresh ,oid “” nl< oad Cow's Mlilk contains, Mellin's' forms a perfect nutriment-far super or ut , , to any ater-mixed Food-which can be instantly adapted to the hi. tI rconnn Iotn needs of any child, weak or thriving, by simply varying the quantity. ý"°"'' ; Lay the Foundations of Sound Health strret. G.,nshe i d with Mellin s Food, ensure its continuance as childhood advances by maintapnwtng the diet - increasing the quoantity as necessary - and you may Ib sr your child will attain a jofous and vigorous youth Many a mother has proved this wonderfn l 'building up' power of 'Mellin's OUR FREE OFFER Smply send us your name and addres, and he will at once pot to u, free of crst, a Sample Bottle of Mellnn Food, together with a dainty, mn eresnng, and useful book on "How to Feed the Baby.' Alt requnestts nit be s dalt onth ,n rotaon. ADDRESS: THE SAMPLE DEPT., MELLIN'S FOOD, LIMITED, PECKHAM, LONDON, S.E.f ADDRESS: THE SAMPnuuLE DEPT., naMELLIuN'SFOLMITED, PEGKHAnuuMLNDON,

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Issue 3957. - Vol CXLVI

Feb, 20 1915

Illustrated London News