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I’·..1;”. )(III 1L q tII(IIII I k~ 11 11·.r: ~1·t· ·1(1 an udiirdut .1<1, I I 1.. i rnn It'll l ' Ia h 11 Tit nirntin l r . n l (1; I th in Iti ati :mit int tiIm tilnni , 1 lviie i t rni Innv 6 ý,. i i Ai _niit 1 F !1 li iit n II nnj Iitt ini it, bit itt i uunt6 1,I ,a , h Ilu , pu ll.t t I! 1 iot1 uil : nclnh uIai li . nl,1 II t ni tint' tlinttit mlt Ii or n inh in T lot . v u p i I nit ,t ... i intmstitt I In i il nittlt tin iii.> tit it

n i n.4IeliIt. Ile tens, a; a Irletter o f t. t tiit ided ?it·I tellm In I, ItIh r een Iatlerrial iet illjentirc tnillecrs. Ile 1 n 1:.-t tihelinh ut lnillie ttrvIeeliel c I iI ,a athier tIlee l 115.4 . llt nltl cut i1 n l lll ee .te enetki a ma iri- eela to

THE WAR AGAINST MUD AND WATER: BRITISH TROOPS PUMPING WATER OUT OF A TRENCH Muddy water, wrote ‘Eye-Witness recently, “as been found ddfficult to pump. but this dfSiculty is being overcome.” The advantage of thiS is very obvlous

THE WAR AGAINST MUD AND WATER: BALING OPERATIONS IN A BRITISH TRENCH. ” The problem of how to get rid of the water ” (to quote” Eye-Witness ” again) ” engaging the attention of both sides . . . continual baling and pumping are required.”

should be road, mire particularly, perhaps, by the home- The Mutiny of In the gis Vi ctorian dlays n, hn the ‘ Elsinore.’ ” Mr ( lark Huawl] put to sea wsithi his laithful readers., ” Ih Mutiny of the LHsunte ” (Mills and Ionnn ) niould have distilled a very ditlerenllt ilavour troin inIgr-ientlls tet hnially snnilar. All our old frienids are to be found in the Elsm.nn-e passengers, a landlilinan of potential hIoric quality, the captain’s lovely daugilhter, the sinster cres, and the lmate whose ” huge paw ” possessed an annnthetri quality (only Mr. Clark

Rit1all itnl1l nevcr has,” ‘xjrested it in that grapthlt journalese). Mr. Jack London has distorted these pterons, tihe familll liar objects of the literary seascape, into Amerilcan grotesques. Thee ame, to use the hiakneyed G(;ermlal adjeCtiie, colossal, and nlwe think their colossal quality labuses tllhem. It is nlot lossibll]e to be Colnvinced Iby tlhe spectatle of tile sullperman and the super-crimllinal andl tihe super-lunatic in this conjunctlon. If tlhe reader does niot insist upon ibeinit ceon I ntd, andl wll put away fastildouls- nes and resign lililltlln to a world it Brobdingnaglan inis- proportion all nill ble ull. Mr. Jack london’s ship is iiash ith ” muiirders and blug and int. ith s-word and axe and gun 1t lie I book is a w hole hitiarted tale of

thrilling adls nture ; but twe nay bie allosed siolberly to doubt whether the po]it of I(altilllore ever saw a es.e so amazingly full of terrific iipossiblilites leave its shelter, cven for the wild wseaters of the ]Horn. “Some Women There is a pland Timoth asant. and Timothy.” kindly fla- vour in ” Solne Women andll Tlnothyv ” (Hutchinson), and it is probable that the tender-hearted Tim, I.ord Fordley., will endear hlimself to many feminine nollel- readers and be comnliended to the notice of their friends. The danger for Timothy, who is not particularly astute, is that the swomen sill make a fool of him, and this very nearly happens. If lie had been less true to himself it would have hap- pened with disastrous con- sequences, for a peer, even a plain peer, who accepts people at their own value goes in jeopardy of his single blessedness every day of ihis bachelor life. We could see, of course, froln the very first that Fordley would

marry the right person, Illt Miss ,onmerville s engaging red- herrings cross the scent a good many timnes, and the ixcurrilon, that result are nlelyy adjusted to appeal to the ioung lan’s sporting instincts. Fordly had the r isdoil of the simple. Not every gentle soul would pick up a really adorable orphan, waiting to be adopted in the Park, and use hilln to ensnare tile lovely woman of his heart. Tihe disposal of Peter was an inspiration. And (this is by the way) not every traveller can import a dog without quarantine. Hlowst did Timothy manage the latter manoeuvre ? The book opens with it, and leaves us still wondering.

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