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Impossible ‘r Mri I””A ML, People.” K ‘lden I lo m Il III liii (,lrLus 0 1 hit In 11t 11111n) . 11 !(. ;.ill I lprudr . ) 路’in路1

r : .e; 11n m j 1)h I I [ nh li..l II. 媒.ul, , II. ~ Ih h ,L] nl,,b :h n I, lnl hI I Ihl ,: ~ n1 h “l thc ” ,!11l 路, 11,1, t ie ]1 ,Hil lln( I. V III) [ UII o 11 >I 馃檨 111111_ l r ,,m.h Il il is 111.uw 111 h ‘..xln- h ,,,路 il,,is 1111( II”I1 “. 1: , ,1 1 11 .- u 11 t, ll: 1 ..n :t :111 , ;” – ..p, ~1h 1 , , mhl qi u, S th;i- im ” \ 1 1 thuhl.. i il ll. . ” Thie Devil’s Stairs.” 1 lu-.1 L I to \. 1 i V 1″-ll h o 0 ‘0l II, UI’ hh L. b媒1 ( Iv ;I! %l..I h’ o i h1115 i媒~ 媒 1 I Ik In~t! ]1, ,I i t 1 l: , 5 iII, then .ill 1511′ to be 1:nl . 1111 :; ul I ther :5,151 T.:.l11ed Peonple 媒VA i.I qht to ,1115 111.t ther L I . l ,a o a 11111 plot. ~rll “The Devil’s .1 cet v owly Stairs.” ,媒I媒 ,111,,5 l stIi II Ihl Ri nuli .,111 titlc II h L ” blerl h i Q I Al: 5t1.t15 1155, n;a b1,ook the! h”,. U 1151′ 1,1,5 in..l 010 c 111 it “Al, ,n lt

Ofl, .1I ” ,l. u, 1 the d1 !.Ll~lt(. Ill have ,ure1 . l , : ;il 1 . . I l l 7 , l ell . h ill 111 . AA rem, s, u, 111I(.111 th IiCrl~llvlt( 路i ~’ 11路: “” h”:n the 11路 n.ttr nal Ilrtilt Illsi

et ~uhLIh” highh deloped] I hrir ilr was inmply heht : “Itd J I” hr titer t t, the ttoIm of it pa–nmg pamuttm it1r a motltl(‘ :ttul mt mt’It, tokl ‘ The m e’vl, Stair, (ti)ucmknoritlm i not ailtogetler a -ound novel. Noblod-, in ri(tadig )t, m ulm d gult hog – dt . mm e t am tli rtroche, o Ife mhmrm gilty lose, have nn ter -mt their ontprmt- Iplains Sl ii m nototmllou, i-m 1, mlhli t bmt p p It]more Iruttiul i ,il tlhan


the de l’i stair could ever be And nobody wiould plrnivie, tlhrourh its pages, that iin spite of Pope anti it, Wrench) chaste women are the rule and not the esieitption ioi a lBrtish clloliunlity. ” Sands of Gold.” An Egyptian setting mnakes a romance go ith a swing, as novel-readers han known sinle the days of the Nlle Novel ” on. A

lulnatic anvIlum is another propolition, and ,wants very “ar’lll handling-unllless you are out for reform, or can make lunacy into something comic, instead of being tragedy. -sV Ielathlyn Rhodes has succoeeded very well ‘aith her delicate subject. It is not a nice idea-the doctor’s d;iughter in love with one of hli mental patient:–bullt she hai made it both romantic ani ulnof ending, albeit at the expIene of actualities. Elgypt

is ncr trump care, anti site plays if triumphantly. It is tmpossible to find a story sordid tha;t is set in a golden desert, where picturesque Arabs, frog rant coffee and Ithlciouls li’li and a great gift of mullsic are useid, each in turn, wtih as much skill as variety. ” Sands of (;old ” (Hutchinson) is a love story with a plot that mnay or mayv not be convincing. It is iicertainly a well- ritten and richly coloured novel, rwhich deserves the popularity we pre- dict for it. “Mary of Mary of the Winds.” (John Mlur- ray) is a collection of sketches of Irish tfolk and their folklore. They are written down, says E” Evedeen,” who writes them, iust as they happen to be re- mtlenl ered. The author has, then, a gift of graceful and literary remembrance. The lan- guage is ” the Irish,” put into English, of course ” Down sat lie on the grass facing herself, and the stir of his limbs was as silent that day as the hush of the winds.” This in a legend of Mary who lost her soul to the Devil Mary of the Windy

Gap, in the lar Ferry hills. ” ‘Ts now a gay place alove,” lays one of the people of another story, ” for all the voung oi the aworhl are straving there straight front the battlefiehld ” Which Is what Katherine Tynan, who has al., the solt Irish singing voice, says too: ” Now Heaven is by the young invaded, Their laughter’s in the place of (;od.” There is, indeed, much mi common with all Insh po)ets and poctesses in the work of this little volume

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May, 04 1918

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