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Oatine Face Cream

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CARE OF THE SKIN THE great enemy rof beauty is the su nlir[I ng atll ]h r’e “the slm:oke and fog o: town or the dtut ,’ tLe (ltllilrV c wsa i float, a., t In t0i In, r .d iget into e pl o-f t} 1 There it .1t deeplv ellibu[ted, ui,[ tislls lI what :ill s ý,I:i ,mlpl n so dark, .ull, nel , .,. The oilds thi,c that 1 ,11 help ua is OATINE, as i oii ansisll p-a l: 1r yours i. iWrash v.ul t thoolugh-l with :oap n wat,[: then, al appil, i t ( , airl t, i a, e t th a towel, wheln pal t-s ks o, bla< k ill be OAund un tih towel, pTvmg that Oatuie lrouht il"t out of the prns that soap and Zatrw lre pule.s to remove. Oatie is honefiial t he - plexion beaus, it IS a t ll i lt iood Try it al n am ,i l -,r- hov cl iiear, softI , stii oth, t: 1 t it the wl Inldes aNld, P ,R [ T W o animal tat, it cannot hto r. OATINE is nu sale eve rl'wh{r', prce Is. I'd. and 2s. 3d. a jar. For tose h,, ,, r ·te, e ATa%: eOATINE SNOW, , Gs partuu t , P IT -,I raturgdl', ibun I ,, b, 'i'. All ]hen . sto, k OATINE SNOW, ,n, e Is. GET A JAR AND PROVE ITS WORTH

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Issue 4009. - Vol CXLVIII

Feb, 19 1916

Illustrated London News