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CHOSEN TO GIVE THE ROYAL HOUSE ITS NEW NAME: WINDSOR CASTLE. The King’s happy decision to adopt ‘the House of Windsor’ as the new territorial name of the Royal Family has renewed interest in the grand old Castle which for so many centuries has been the ountil palace oi tlhe -lntelh Sot crelgn T7hrougl out the Emplire it is flt that lhis lrajesty coud not have thoien a more appropriate title. .As a sout enir o tihet o as son, eire have nlu-h ‘e cure in .presenting to our reIdlers, with tlhis numLb’r. al Sp cial Supplh’unt consisting of a photograph of the Castle taken Ironl the Tham’es, and reproduced speciall. It shows tlhe tlhole llagnmlitlent range of builldings as teen front the rnlr, sith the gre at tonell in the ictntre, surmoutntled bI the Itosal Standard, Inllicating the presence of tile King, and turthtr to thlte right St. (uorge’s Chapel and tlhe famlous (Ciurfet Tower The hlstory of Wilndsor Castle date, back to Wiilliami thet (Conqueror, who built a hort- its there, and legend carries its traditions back to King Arthur an I his Knights of the Round Table, tor whom M.erlin is fabled

to have roared there a Iagic stronghold Within lI ing ielnioryv Willdr ha, been the hio l i ‘,lessi i of (lJzc In Vittoria. King Edward. andl King George, aindt i , It domain the first twso ie buried, as also dotes Charles I

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Issue 4083. - Vol CLI

Jul, 21 1917

Illustrated London News