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Palmer Cord Tyres

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The same principles underlie the Palmer Cord Aeroplane Tyre and the Palmer Cord Car Tyre. They are bud up. tr’rl byr trend. from the het mnltnl. Ifrom he ele- metol Palmer Inctmo-free cord found- atimo to the touch weaxr-re.slan tread. Nothot a. left to chance CORD TYRES ,lutoe ,n all .,z…,th the . Hal three. ebbed nobler and te .retl .tuldol Hread.. Petreol. an./ t/nr.’ tt h -o’es tolly detled ,loo ort t.- 7 7. PER CENI. PETROL SA l/.G. THE PALMER TYRES. LTD. 111tr3 Shd It.bury one ue, I.indono.W C.2 R ta Oto,t t f 4 lnthI.IIII. Core r). I;hcO e. loed. Imdnictr. Votnghml.

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Issue 4133. - Vol CLIII

Jul, 06 1918

Illustrated London News