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"Paris is Roaring out Her Soul": Armistice Day Scenes

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The scenes in Paris on Armistice Day resembled those in London. Mr. Perceval Landon wrates “There was no holding back the immense torrent of enthusiasm . .. About midday the greater thoroughfares had become passable only at a foot’s pace Me after male of f’ags blazed out along the street fronts of all Paris, espesally in the Place de I’Opera and in ‘he Champs E:vees and the Tuileries . . . The crowds soon became a

but slghtly moving mass. added to in thousands at every fie minutes. Flags of all nations were carried into the maelstrom, and there remained immobilised for hours. All traffcl had soon to be suspended in the main streets, ano still the .umult of rejoicing went on from hour to hour. At this moment Paris is roaring out her soul alone her bouleards and her mighty squarers.”

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