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Paton's Boot & Shoe Laces

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Do away with the annoyance of continually breaking laces by getting PATON’S E SHOE LACES These are the finest laces made. Numerous threads of the finest cotton go to the making of each Paton Lace, giving them unequalled strength and securing an elasticity which makes for foot comfort. The tags are secure and, the dyes being fast, the laces never become shabby. Because of their lasting iear, Paton’s Laces are a real econlomy. v a pAIR. Boot Laces for Ladies’ and .2d & 3d. Gent’s wear- – – Shoe Laces (flatandtubular) for ) Ladies’ and Gent’s wear – i Leather Laces for Ladies’ and 6d & 9d. 4 Gent’s wear – – – British made thrlouglhout. Your own boot dealer can supply you if you insist upon PATON’S. WILLIAM PATON, LTD., est JOHNSTONE. SCOTLAND. 9 II! i ‘! I Ilf11111’111111111111ii i i i I I il I!I !II !Ni !IIIIII! I iIlllll

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Issue 4114. - Vol CLII

Feb, 23 1918

Illustrated London News