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SIR JAMES CAIRD. WIo has glven~ P4,ooo to the Shaickkton Antarhc EopedAhon

J }- ‘the rift of

Shackleton Antarctic Expelditiln is 1no assuriiile! of a s1ct( s’ fl start 1i August Sir Jamns Cairl is a big pilee- Iimianufacturer sos I)unulhe, ind alth

thrn / i- inn in i hernivy, f Iluninile si “Irir inne Mnneets, illelinnl l o(L h f] L ma II iv ly (f ,,l …. .i.ip.. l offi c m ..es, and / 11,,1,, Tor , puln ic pa.rk lie ]ii. aLio, given 424,0OO foIl a (ainyn I hs iiti,, ani ,n o i, to te riutih Ass mitin. The 1 ” > l ‘ ust i e of the liri-h tluseumi . iin sellce.se in to the lth Sir \ L.Asn, I’infessor Gergem- Gilbert Murray, of Oxford, is in iust:alilni, iling it’h lhird son of the late Sir Terence Mlurray, ] lliesdlent of lhi . gi-latiln ‘ounrit] iof Ne South Wales, and he lL Ioin in Svydnev. He left .Austrialia at the age oi eleven, and , i-in clii il at Mnrnhant iTaylors’ School and St John’s (Coliege, )folu Ilh is na great authorinty on Greek, and many of his venn” in.i-;anon ]fl llreek plays have mbeen ierfornmed.

I.”i I lic~· du 1at 111c age of ni’ ile y-fllll Luci mot iuunnin dpi1( d oine o thne oItuIst l ” II dIr I i’ 1ni”litii tiian, o

THE LATE LORD WEMYSS, One of the Founder” of the Volunteer Movement.

lne age. ne nrly 1held oelifce once. as a Lord of the Treasu ry fronm 1853 to 1855, but his powerful i ii n I C nce has been fre- quently felt i1i Coiltien- ill contenIi- parary poll- tics. As LIord Elcho ]1e Ibecatr fa nous vith the genlleral public as lie of the milost encr- getic irgan-

i(lrso f t!he olI Volunltcer Force, land his name will alwates be associated with the ETlcho Shiel. He was one of the Lonlldon Scots \whto were called

upon to found the LondII Scottish, and he held the coulilland until ISq7, when he became Honorary Colonel. lie resigned the latter position in Io000 as a protest against the introduction of the Territorial scheme. Another of his services to national defence was the foundation of tile National Rifle Association. Sir Hugh Hell, who presented the Queen with a case of rare old silver as a personal gift from the Joint Dock Committee on the occasion of th,’ opening


o toe new o(lOCK at Hull, is a great iron- master and colliery owner, director of Brunner, Mond, and Co , the North-East- ern Railway Com- pany, and manyother industrial concerns. His wife, a daughter of the late Sir Joseph Olliffe, is an author and dramatist. Sev- eral of Lady Bell’s plays have been pro- duced in London; and she has written :everal books of plays for children in Eng- lish and French. Mr. H. Hargreaves, Mayor of Hull, now

L ot_. I _//wr ,ad Fryi PROFESSOR G. GILBERT MURRAY, The new Trustee of the Britsh Museum.

MU Photo swane. SIR HUGH LANE, Who has Repurchased his famous Titian for 13.00oo0 guineas.

SIR W S. WRIGHT, Chairman of the Hull and Barnsley Railway.

becomes Lord M11ayor of Hull by the Kinllg’s announcement on the occasion of the opening of th111e new dock last week. His VIalcsty said, in reply to


the address of welcome from the ( orporation, I have very great pleasure in declaring that hence- forth the chief magistrate in this city shall bear the title of Lord Mayor of Kingston-upon-Hull.”

SIR HUGH BELL, Interented in the new Hull Dock.

Photo. Lfaretto MR. H. HARGREAVES, Now Lord Mayor of Hull.

Professor Flinders Petrie, who has been ap- pointed President of the British Constitutional Association, has been Edwards Professor of Egyptology of University College, London, since 1892, and is the greatest living expert- on Egyp- tian excavation. From 188o until 1911 he was hard at work in Egypt making the most wonderful

discoveries of ancient cities and relics, and he has published in i ini c able books on the

subject of the ancient Egyptian Idynasties. Sir HIugh Lane, whoi bought the ” Mlan with a Red (Cap,” by Titian, at Christie’s in i876, sold it to Mr Grenfell in igir, and re- purchased it last week, is Hon. Director of the Municipal Art

Sy . PROFESSOR FLINDERS PETRIE, Appointed President of the British Con- stitutional Association.

Gallery, Dublin, and Governor of the Irish National Gallery. IIe is a well-known collector of works of art. Sir W. S. Wright, (hairman of the Hull and Barnsley Railway Board, was prominent in the ceremonies connected with the royal opening of the new dock, as he is also Chairman of the Humber Con- servancy Board. IHe was educated at Westminster and Cambridge. The Crown Prince Alexander of Servia has been appointed Regent during the illness of his father. It is believed that the regency may be of long duration, as this is the first time King Peter has provided a Regent luring any of his absences. The South African farmers now visiting England were re-

ceived )y the King at Buckingham Palace last Saturday. They were severally presented to the King and Queen, who shook hands and conversed with each of them. The proceedings

were quite informal, and afterthe presentation the party strolled through the grounds in company with their Majesties. His hIigh- ness the Duke of Saxe – Mein- ingen, who died last week at the age ofeighty- eight, made a life’s work

THE CROWN PRINCE OF SERVIA, Who is Acting as Regent for his Father.

of the reform of the German theatre, and the ” Meiningen troupe ” is now famous. He first gave a fit setting to Shakesneare and the ereat German

classics. He was three times married, his last wife being Fraulein Helena Franz, the leading actress in his Court Theatre, whom he created Baroness Heldburg. In his earlier life Duke George II. played a considerable part in German politics, and was one of those who saw the dawning of the modern Empire. His father, Duke Bernard, was loyal to Austria in I866, and, when the Prussian troops entered Meiningen, abdicated rather than join the North-German Confederation. Duke George.

on the other hand, had always been a friend of Prussia, and served in the Prussian Army.

The new Duke of Saxe – Meiningen is a son of the late Duke by his first wife, Princess Char- lotte of Prussia, and he is married to the eldest daughter of the Empress Frederick. Like his father, he has deeply studied Greek literature and art, and is honorary doctor of many uni- versities. He is popu- larly known as ” Ber- nard the learned.”

THE LATE DUKE OF SAXE- MEININGEN, Who Reformed the German Theatre.

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