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MACMILLAN’S LIST. THE SERVICE KIPLING A, In. . l (‘i, 1 2, te ·l t Plain Tales from the Hills. 2 5I,1. Soldiers Three. 2 o,. Wee Willie Winkie. 2 ~d-, From Sea to Sea. i 1, Life of Lord Aveburv. l; III RHACE’], G. 2 ll i Ii lNSt)N. I ‘111 [ A, ‘ . 2 ,ll . ,. il lt The City of Dancing Dervishes, and other Sketches and Studies from the Near East. SIIAtRVY I I.ARI.ES LU.KA(II, Aothoa of ” The Il’neftI: It l :, &3c. Ill1 i, atol l v -. Id et NI tIl)ll’R Bi)IS N Deccan Nursery Tales; or Fairy Tales from the South. 1, C. A. KINCAII, c(V o., 1 C’.’,. W ith 8 lluh tratin, in I olour hi A . D)IIIlRANDItARL{. ‘,,t 4Ito. 7:, Sunta T–,, -.. tsetales nell, make de- lightle:! rI: ng for ithle loung pople ” The Indian Story Book. (Cont.unmg Tales from the lRanavant, the Mahabharitta, and other Earln Sources, retol bi RIICHARD WIISON. VWith 10 C(olourled Plates and Line Illustra- tion, Ie I)n ar awig by F. C. IPAPh. II. (r. V’II.LS’S NEW NOVEL. The Wife of Sir Isaac Harman. hs. Incredible Adventures. Five Stories by A l .GItERNON BLACK- WOOD. Author of ” A Prisoner in Faitrland.” etc. Extra crown r8o. 6s. The Demi-Gods. Bt JAMES STEI’lHtNS, Author of “The Crock of Gil,!’. et Cmrown . sa. net. *,’M.cmiMlln’s Illustrated Ctdooe pst oon pptaatina. MACMILLAN & CO., LTD., LONDON.

SMITH, ELDER & CO.’S NEW BOOKS. The Voyages of Captain Scott. Retld by CH AIt lES I TIRLEY, Author of “A Imd ol I Inthicl.” i&. With an Introduction by S:r J. AI. BARRIR., Barut. Large 1pot 8vo. gilt top. ci.. net. With a Portrait, numerous New Illustrations, and a Map. A,,adem,.-The book ,tll he a dehlght to sn s hoolboy ,w , m h, 1u kl enough to n ‘t it” g pr sent,.” Eton in the ‘Eighties. By ‘BRIC PARKICER, Authto of -‘he Sin:ner and the Problte.,” “l’t’omise of Arden,” &c. With 8 Illustrations. Large Italian Gardens of the Rennais- sance, and Other Studies. By JULIA CARI’WRIGHIT, Author of ” The Perfect Courtier,” ” The Paintcrs of Florence,” &c. With 16 Illtshtrations. toe. ,l lnet. The Spanish Dependencies in South America. By BERNARD MOSES. Two Vols., demlty 8t,. 21 S. net New Poems. By ROI.BIRT and MIRS. BROWNING. Edited by Sir FREDERIC G. KENYON, K.(‘.B., D.Litt. With 2 Poataits. Small crlotn Svo. 3s. net. .trenin, I’t. ‘Er”nse who posrSee a set of the n’ork, to either ltotniiee muet oddl these ‘Nes The Orchard Pavilion. By ARTHUR C. BENSON, Author of ” The Upton Letters ” ” From a College Window,” &c. Small crown 8vo. tastefully bound in leather, 31. 6hd net. A Green Englishman, and Other Stories of Canada. By S. MACNAUGIITAN, Author of “Trhe Fortunes of Christina MlcNab,” “A Lamne Dog’s Diary,” &c. Crown 8vo. 6s. Illustrated Christlmas ‘afaloue eost free on apih/tatin. London: SMITH, ELDER, & CO., 15, Waterloo Place, S.W.

MR. HEINEMANN’S Christmas Books. THE GARDEN OF KAMA. Ilv LAURENCE HOPE. Illustrated in colour and decorated IyI Byam Shaw Royal 4to. Iss. net. OUR SENTIMENTAL GARDEN. By AGNES and EGERTON CASTLE. I’lstratod in co!our. &c, bh Charles Robinsonl. Cr .to. os. net. MEMORIES. B JOHN GALSWORTHY. With plates in colour and black-and-whl:te illustrations by Maud Earl. Crown Ito 5s net. THROUGH SIBERIA. The Land of the Future. By DR. F. NANSEN. W~oh Illustrations irom Photograph. Cr 4to. n tt. net. “‘lh” not r.e.nt attenpt to esmatett the oaot orsurr whlich our Ally holds in reser.re n his Asiat.c daro nions.”-Srr/otsmar. THE ROMANCE OF THE BEAVER. By A. RADCLYFFE DUGMORE~ Illustrated from the Author’s Photographs. Dy. 8vo. O6s. net. FIGHTING IN SLANDERS. By E. A. POWELL. Illustrated with magnificent photographs. Cr. 8yo. 3. 6d. net. “The most tiedd hook which the war has yet produced.”-Daily iJf ,il PHILIP THE KING; and other Poems. By JOHN MASEFIELD, Author of ” Daoher,” Er . With Portrait Cr. roo. t.. id, net. Books for Young Britaig. THE STORY OF CHANTICLEER. Adapted as a story from Edmond Rostand’s Play by iMrs. IIann. Illustrated in colour and black and white by J. A. Shepherd. Square Cr. 8o. 6s. net. ALICE’S ADVENTURES IN WONDERLAND. Illustrated by Art hlr lLnekham. Sq. Cr. 8Cvoo. . 6.ot AESOP’S FABLES. Introduction by G. K. Chesterr ton. Illustrated by Arthur Itkharlm. Sq. Cr. C8o. 6s. net. MOTHER GOOSE. The Old Nursery Rhyme,. Ilustrated hy Arthur Raklhalm Sq. cr. Boo. Coloh Gilt. os. net. UNDINE. By Do la Mlotte Fouqu6. Illustrated by Arthur Rarkhatm. Cr. Ito. ys. 6d. not. THE SECRET GARDEN. By Frances Hodgson Burnett. Ilustrated by (Charles Robinson. Large cr. 8o. THE ADVENTURES OF AKBAR. B . FloraAnnie Stel. I!ius.inColourbyByHmnhn. Sq.Cr.Svo.6t. net. BLOSSOMS FROM A JAPANESE GARDEN. By Mary Fenollosa. Illustrations in Colour by Japanese Artists. Sq. Cr. 8vo. 5. net. ?4ew SIxaStalling Flotion. The Untilled Field. Uniform with ” Hail and Farewell.” GsRnos Moons. A Country House Comedy. By the Author of “The Book of a Bachelor.” DUNCAN SwAnm. hat a Woman Wants. By the Author of ” Set to Partners,” &c. HLs. HENRY DUDnany. Yes. By the Author of ” Less than the Dust,” &c. MARY AOGNs HAsILuONs. The Veiled Life. HRNatErrA Go!anr.

SECOND LARGE EDITION OF THE SECOND ,,”INORGE BLOOMING. Os. ” The whole, book is encruted thicklv with the jewelsofmuch knowledge ;ld Thse rdtion.” Trn,. ” Mr. Georges insieht into tie fernle mind is remarkai ‘ ‘ .i/th,,,,. NE\ NOT EL BY E. F. BENSON ENTI 1 LED- ARUNDEL Second lnmp, prn 6s. ANTARCTIC S°orth Northern ADVENTURE. Pry. By RAYMOND E. PRIESTLEY. With y;q Illustrations, 15s. net. ” One of the most extraordinary records of human courage and endurance to be found in all the long anna:s of Polar exploration.”–T7e Fitld. “r. Priestley’s book i. really a priceless posstirr n.” -TI .ti,, ei,, /’ PEAKS AND Scramble in the Dolomites and PRECIPICES. snavy. By GCIDO REY. Translated by J. E. C. EATON. With many Illustrations. Cloth. IOS, lid. net. “It is impossible to describe the charm of this volume Nothing we hate read in mountaineering literature approai hes it. in its intense appreciafton of the glory of the Asps.”- The Eventintg .a’/ndard. TREITSCHKE cAND TR. By 1OSEPII McCABE. Cloth. 2,. net. It is well known that the historical and political writer, H. Von Treitsrhke, is one of the chief sources of the sentiments which have broken out in the brutal treatment of Beligium and the forcing of a l ‘uropean ar. This bhook is the first critical study of the man and his work. MARY RUSSELL MITFORD. Correspondence with Charles Boner & John Ruskin. Edited, and with an Introduction by ELIZABEITH LEE. Cloth, IOs 6d. net. Miss Mitford records in delightful manner her impressions of the many interesting people whom she met at friends’ houses or who came to visit her. Among them were Ruskin, Mrs. Browning, Charles Kingsley, Milman, Nathaniel Hawthorne, and Mr. and Mrs. Cobden. DREAMS. By HENRI BERGSON. Authorised Edition with an Introduction bh the Translator, EDWIN E. SLOSSON, Ph.D Cloth. 2s 6d. net. [and Imp. The researches of Freud and his followers have drawn so much attention to the subject of dreams that a large party will be anxious to read this essay by the most billiatt of living F, im h philosophers, and to learn his views or the questi.on. A. oi S mar . Sentee to1 any ead Tuer n lote. T. VIUS UNWINI. 1. AdelnhlTerraeaO. London.l

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