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Sanatogen the Nerve—Food

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STwo level tea-spoonfuls every Every morning at breakfast ig means icraed healtll and nlerv-e-ec!er y lo. eve.ry m”ll, woman and child. take a draught of Sanatogen. This will give you that extra nerve-energy – – which makes you feel”fit” and fresh all day. Let us send you the first tin, Free. Sanatogrcn in, the morning means a better day’s work- leails inlcreasecd energy and staying-power–means that t ou feel brigihtler, fre-sher, and keener all day. Try it ! Sanatogen’s power to increase Nerve-Energy has been dehinitely proved. In the words of Sir Charles A. Canmeron, C.B., AI.)., etc., President of the Royal Institute of Public IIcalth:– Sanatogen is an excellent nerve-food, of the highest Mr. Henry Arthur Jones. Sir F. Milner. Mr. Hall Caine. Mr. Landon Ronald. nutritive value, easily and completely digested.” Sanatogen seems ‘o me a “Sir Frederick Milner was ” My experience has been “I ihave een taking Sanat- very valuable foodd e IS oeI h run down froant oge, and think that it nerve-tonic Iharvesverr a overwo k when he took that, as a nic uelvefood has decidedly helped me times taker a course of it Sanatogent. and it certain- Sanatogen has on mare togetthroughtnheetreme- W rite to-day for a Free Tin. wer I hav lea l lydid goed. Itsemsbolh thanoeocaondonee anousworkthaI hate doI aI’ always wrthl to nourish and give t had to do during the past gooi results.” strength.” good.” [fw months.” Never forget that Sanatogen is a food, not a medicine or a “secret remedy.” It increases nerve-energy by feeding the nerves-not by goad- ing themt with drugs or stimulants. Its action is as natural as that of any ordinary food: it must do good, and it cannot do harm. That is why doctors give it even to babies. And that is why so many people, whose work makes great demands on their nerve-energy, take Sanatogen regularly, all the year round-not as an occasional ” tonic,” but as a part of their daily diet. You should do likewise, if you want to keep your nerve-energy at the highest pitch. Write, mentioning this paper, for a Free Tin of Sanatogen to A. Wulfing & Co.. 12. Chenies Street, London, W.C. You can buy Sanatogen at any Chemist’s, from Is. 9d. to 9s. 6d. per tin.

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