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The ex- ceptional beauty and distinctiveness of design, and the perfection of the stones in every piece of Saqui Lawrence Jewellery, never fail to b-ing the admiration so gratifying to the wearer. Take advantage to-day of the practically wholesale pricesIi n a n u s o m e I Pearl lust- I rous Diamonds £8/8/-j) ^i15 m 9 Gold Ten ‘an’f, setwith Diamonds and I e iris Principal London AIx- mc A-‘ia.uiuiiu of purest J lustre 3C. 1 l/v Di i m on d Cross over. 3perfect-( ly cut Stones £10 Diamond Clus- ter. 9 brilliants. Two fine Dia monds and Ruby. £15Write for fascinating Art I Catalogue of Diamond Jewellery and Watches. I J 7TOIPICCADILLY H Piccadilly Circus ^cr. Shaftesbury A v.^ g LIVERPOOL ST.: I i Opposite Great I Eastern Hotel. 84, 8TRAND I v Opposite Charing IS Cross Hospital. I 178, STRAND A I ^Opposite Aldwych I KILBURN: V I r34. High Road. I Also at EASTBOURNE I l io Terminus Rd- I BRIGHTON: I i 57 North Street, BB ^Qp. Clock Towet Ibilver Wrist Watcti. iiigh-yrade fully _ _ jewelled movement 5 years’ warrants-, ol)/-See the magnificent display at 28-30, Liverpool Street. H Opposite Great Eastern Hotel.

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Issue 817. - Vol 63

Jul, 30 1919