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A MOBILE BATTERY, FOR COAST-DEFENCE OR OTHERWISE: A SCHNEIDER GUN-TRAIN, WITH TWO GUNS AND AN OBSERVATION-TOWER. The gun-tram here illustrated was built o France, for coast-defence purposes, by the famous firm of Schneider. From left to right the train consists of gun-truck, an ammunition-car, another gun-truck, a can for personnel fitted with an observation-tower, and a small engine. The guns are aoo-mm, howitzers, and each gun-platform is connected with the ammunition-car by a chute, along which the projectiles are delvered on to a truck which runs round the gun-platforn The train can run on ordinary railways or special tracks. For firing, the gun-trucks are anchored to the ground. As, of course, this train can operate wherever there ase railway lines, it may quite possibly have been used in the Battle of the Aisne.

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thl- – tI(,ll – hI ttvw en thet l)p t is> f g Iod ani (vil, artttl’d c will have the cating vole. It is clear, then, that the nation “hhll fosters a hypcrcunsitise dread of the i]pe;il to mal is doolmed tlo destruction. Moreover, that n ilnn e ill be guilty of tIrlninal folly. For not only will i. lost the poae-r to protect itself, but also its power to ii r enforce tihe claims of righlt and justice on such as I msnle’ to set them a;t defiance.l The sword lmust always te girl about ils, and ioos; in i ts sncabard if we are to tretain our plaitc andi otur ability to defend the weak

WITH THE OBSERVER AT THE TOP: THE PERSONNEL-CAR OF THE SCHNEIDER GUN-TRAIN WITH ITS TELESCOPIC OBSERVATION- TOWER RAISED. The observation – tower, which is telescopic in two senses of the w rd, can be easily rassed. The observer communicates with those inside the car by means of the speaking-tube.

If success crowns tile sacrifices which we and our Allies are making, as assuredly it will, that success will raise the ethical standard of Europe, if only by destroying the power and influence for esil of those who regard treaties as ” scraps of paper,” anld womnen and children as fitting

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objlctsn ons hich to demonstrate the might of the ” Mailed Fist.” The stupidity of Bernhardism on the one hand, and the futile bleatings of Norman-.ingelhmli on the other, should leave no room for doubt among the nations who desire peace of the necessity of being prepared to en- force peace, if necessary, by the sword. To asso- ciate the ” superman ” with Bernhardism is surely as inept as is the comparison between Bernhardism and Darwinism. The apostles of brute force are less, not more, than men. The ” superman,” if he ever attains to being, will be something but a little lower than the angels, and his evolution has yet but scarcely begun Huxley, in an unguarded moment, spoke of combating the cosmic process. Since we are a part of that process, as well might we try to prevent the eclipse of the moon. Civilisation has enabled us to evade what we may call the grosser forms of Natural Selection, but it has not freed us from its miore subtle factors which must always control our development. Not by defiance of, but by obedience to, the laws of Nature can we hope, in some measure, to control our future develop- ment. We, as a people, have not yet realised that there is such a thing as a ” Science of Life.” Whei1 this conception has taken root, we shall take care that every encouragement that the State can give for the vigorous pursuit of that science is given. Whether we admit it or no, the ” struggle for existence ” and the ” survival of the fittest ” are facts. Our apparent inability to distinguish between education and instruction is due to this lack of a scientific method of approaching the problems of life, which, for the most part, are left to politicians with axes to grind. These things, whether we realise it or no, are intimately bound up with our evolution and the place we are to hold among the councils of the nations in the future, near and remote. It would be well, then, if the theory propounded by our great country- man Darwin were examined with a little more care ; even a very slight examination will show that it does not even remotely embody the sentiments expressed either by ” Bernhardism ” or Nietzsche. W. P. PYCRAFT.

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