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Seegerol Guaranteed Hair Tint in Brown

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SEENEROL HAIRTINT SAumID.BIOaL GuAranteed Harmicss YOUTH AND GREY HAIR. Are you content to lose your youthful appearance, your sxeet charm of early womanhood ? Are you content to look old while yet young? Of course tol are not. But rotu must restore those grey hairs to theIlir lll ((1l11l : ion must use SEEGEROL FOR GREY OR FADED HAIR Seegerol has renewed the youth, has rejuvenated the hair ot over three-quarters-of-a-million women in all parts of the world. For twenty-five years it has proved a true friend to the woman who values her appearance. “YOU SIMPLY COMB IT THRO’.” And the result is a beautiful. pclmanrent, wa.ible shale Iof per fectly natur:al applearance that absolutely defie. detection. I he highest Imdical certificate of tile excellence, ipunII) .init actual ]lallnr e-lsne’s of Seegerlt accompanies each bottle. It is supplied in the Ibllowing ,hades: Brown. Dark Briw . Light Brrr tn. Black, G(olden, Auburn and Blonde. Seegerol costs 2/6 the Ilask. of all Chemists, Stores and tair dresser s. SEEGEROL LABORATORIES, 1, Tabernacle St., Finsbury, London, E.C.2 Ithehrslr Ag./n ,, .4urnftralari”r i i / Table 4,rtle,. Id . .-, t ,Vr/, . ,l,, e,, .5-r, t,.”th IOtsl,

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