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*ns 40/-, 50-, 60/-. 9ct.. 70/-, 80/- 80/- and 100/- 18-ct., £5, £6, £8, £10. The SPORTSMAN S Watch. Keve M, th ctir ogp, n Op F Wrist Watches with Leather Stra’s and Levr Movements. STANDARD I Iic:,tero Hal HI- IcnPtclig C··tce. L)~lltfclI Stasaa ee ‘nvaet.I Accc-.,teca. 1c Watc e c – I . m.oc. . the ,t cm . u ald Ffltb of a no. rd. Specially adapted for Hard, Routh Hear. Accurate and Reliable. ,,n Rihec, £5. £8, £10. £12. £15 Ditt c (io Gl. O20, £25, £30, £40. Can be supplied with Aany Leather Strap requirted. II.II . .-. 2. – 15. ,usr6 fe2 /t yuea 9 WatleAs,O C/c4 orJ wetbE/ r – (-OWý//P Wifkebtf er oV / I ,6 1f f en. 8 z aes-o npcyo osS 65, Cheapsicle, a26 105, Rcgent Sfreet, Lonao .

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Issue 3923. - Vol CXLIV

Jun, 27 1914

Illustrated London News