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Superseding the Rifle, Making It Unnecessary: The Machine Gun

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In a recent speech, the Minister of Munitions said : “The superiority of the Germans in material was most marked in heavy guns, in their high-explosive shells, in their rifles, and, perhaps most of all, in their machine-guns. These have proved to be about the most formidable weapons in the war. They have almost superseded the rifle, they have almost rendered the rifle unnecessary … .

The difficulty is that these weapons cannot be improvised in a short time. The machinery for making machine-guns takes eight or nine months to construct before you begin to turn out a single machine-gun. .. It vital for the life of our people, it is vital in order to enable them to retain their positieon that every available machine-gun which can be produced should be turned out witheut the least delay.”

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Issue 3976. - Vol CXLVII

Jul, 03 1915

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