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The 'Allenburys' Diet

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-1 Ward off Overstrain E nfeeblerment of nervous energy is produced by overstrain rendering the sufferer incapable of sus- taned effort during the day and sleepless at night. The digestive process is usually impaired and the stomach resents solid food. The ‘Allenburys’ DIET a a thoroughly dependable nourish. nt. t is accptable to Ih most fasttldiou. restores d scrdered digestion and completely nourishes the hody. Make a practic of takme a cup of the ‘Alienhurye’ DIET lsa thing at night before retring; ou will find that it soothel.. henerves, and ensures refreshing sleep and S digestive rest. The Food that Sustains. For Adults Jr’No Cooking or C-ws Milk S reurrQd. Made u’eth boil. a wtorn only. In Tins at 1 9 and 316 of Chelusls. Allen CS Hanburys Ltd., London.

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Issue 4069. - Vol CL

Apr, 14 1917

Illustrated London News