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The 'Allenburys' Foods

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What Baby Needs COW’S Milk is a dangerous sub- stitute for healthy mother’s milk and an awkward one. In summer the risk is doubly grave as the milk is likely to contain more germs than usual and to go sour. If your baby cannot be given nature’s food (maternal milk) avoid the dangers that follow the use of cow’s milk or starchy prepared foods by adopting the ‘Allenburys’ simple and certain method of Infant Feeding. $llenburg Feds Relieve the Mother of Anxiety. MaI.c SoWD I – . ri, .. niiv. M ILK FO(!I) N – – – -Ni,’ 1, n ‘h MALTED SIHD N B UY L, Lr nonl . Obr,, .’ ,., , ,,ll l r i te,r t, ,”,, ALLEN & HANBURYS Ltd., London.

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Issue 4184. - Vol CLIV

Jun, 28 1919

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