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"The Bowmen of Mons"

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An interesting example of the growth of legend is afforded by the story of the appearance of unnatural beins fighting for the British at Mons. Mr. Arthur Machen wrote, and published on September 29, 1914, a short story entitled The Bowmen,” which described how “St. Gor had brought t omn the glsh.” Our art has ilh-strated the following pasge in the stry : “And as the soler heard theimsei nes be aw before h m , beypd the trec, a g lie of hapes, with a shin bout them. They were like men who drew the bow, and, with another shout, their cloud of arrows few singing and tngling through the ir towards the German hoat.” The story has since been

published in book r. with a preface by Mr. Machen in which he itaes that at was entirely his own nvention and ased neither on act nor ri in iek aio aecacs a U the sbequ ent toes of hee mr aieirs at Wos-b- some the shini waris became augels inteed of archers -wer really deried frm bi short sry. Mr. HaroMld Beie. in in booklet, O the se of the Aels, a es e t Mr. Madhen may have receied the ids of the stI by dlepethy from the rain of a waoded or dying soldier at Mons, who my have a ual n s a vkl w .

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