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The "Britannic" Patent Expanding Watch Bracelet

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The ” BRITANNIC ” PATENT EXPANDING WATCH BRACELET. thc Quecn of tlUatcb Jracclkts. Has made an unrivalled reputation and is acknowledged to be the best of all. Safe, – Stocked Comfortable, by all Durable. CGood Best Class London Jewellers. Make. Everywhere. MANY DESIGNS. ALL WIDTHS. PRICES FROM £4 4 0. Its durability has been tested by opening and closing (by machine) 100.000 times. It remained perfect. Its extreme flexibility makes it the most comfortable bracelet in wear. Before purchasing a Watch Bracelet try on a ” BRITANNIC.” They are the most durable and will give the greatest lasting satisfaction, and are the best value. The Bracelet is fully guaranteed for five years. In 9 ct., 15 ct., and 18 ct., with watches of various grades, Plain and Gem Set; also in Platinum, and in Platinum and Gold. There are various designs in the best taste. All widths from ath inch. The most successful Watch Bracelet ever invented. SEE THAT THE NAME “BRITANNIC,” AND PATENT No. 24396/06 ARE ENGRAVED INSIDE THE BRACELET.

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Issue 3922. - Vol CXLIV

Jun, 20 1914

Illustrated London News