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The "Britannic" Patent Expanding Watch Bracelet

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The “BRITANNIC” PATENT EXPANDING WATCH BRACELET. be Queen or Watch Bracelets. Has made an unrivalled reputation and is arknon lcdged to be lth bIrt of all. Safe, m~o>tcked Comfort- by all able, G(ood Durable. Clas, Best Jewellers London Every- Make. where. Various designs. All Widths from I inch. ‘Prices from £4 4s. to £150. Also in Silver, mI de or r,, with r r Vath High (r.ade l ern,,entr s i 1, n’FI( t .RS, Nt RSES, and for MIEN’S ORDINARY W1EARt ‘ Io o to ( o. I adiunl h iandal di t., m! ,! r`mwom the dark, 7’6 extra. Muinh more ron eir nt,, a loleaner than Ler.ther Strap. SFE THAT THIl NAME “BRITANNIC” AND PATENT No. 24396/o6 ARE ENGRAVED INSIDE BRA(‘ELET.

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Aug, 22 1914

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