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The British Advance in the District of Festubert: A Bombardment of German Positions at La Bassée

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Pont F-ire and distillery drstroyed by Germans. La Basoe shelled by our artllesy (shrapnel and high-explosive shells). Mass of bursting shells Auchy. OUR SPECIAL WAR ARTIST IN THE WEST. Loos foundry ; er ch lines Cambria Aeroplanes being rhelled. Annequia German linr. shreliegGermans. . •A in-li- 5-‘ a t- ·r ·- ] -i~i ,; 1L NEW– La Baas,e Canal. Army Service Corps’ motor-lorries mowin. along road. Famous slag dump, orn a pyramid. IN THE REGION WHERE BRITISH TROOPS HAVE BEEN MAKING CONTINUAL PROGRESS : LAt BASSEE B.EING HEAsVILY BOMBARDED BY OUIR ARTILLERY. <-Sb· -~I - r- -or La~~i: Hasc as Ano evr orsuuu-oassooi5sun od oai, lgdm rsaprsrd IN-· THE~ REIO WHR RIIHTOOSHV BE AKN OTIULPOGESL ASE EN EAIYBOBRE B U RTLEY

The British troops, by dint of hard fighting, recently made a considerable advance in the neighbourhood of Festubert, which lies three or four miles north-west of La Bassie. In his despatch of May 26, Sir John French said : ” The First Army continues to make progress east of Festubert. Since May z6 the First Army has pierced the enemy’s line on a total front of over three miles. Of this. the entire hostile front-line system of trenches has been captured on a front of 320o yards, and, on the remaining portion, the first and second lines of trenches are in our possession. The total number of prisoners taken is 8 officers and 777 other ranks. Ten machine-guns in all have fallen into our possession, as well as a considerable quantity of material and equisment.’ The Germans made strong but unavailing attempts to regain the ground. Thus, on May 23, to quote ” Eye-Witness,” ” a fresh counter-attack, backed by

a very heavy artillery bombardment, was developed against us near Festubert …. The German infantry . . . were again repulsed, very largely by our artillery, and as they retired they also came under the fire of our machine-guns at various points. They must have suffered severely . .. During the night our :nfantry pushed forward and gained some more ground in this direction. . . . It may be mentioned that a building in La Ba;ase used by the Germans as a bathing establishment was recently hit by one of our howitzer shells when it was full of German officers, with the result that I i.ween twenty or tnirty were killed or wounded.” In the above drawing La Bass.e is seen in the background on the left, undergoing heavy bombardment from the British guns. Further progress east of Festubert was reported by Sir John French in his despatch of May 3o.–Daru,,g C’opyrtgtd is the nbmld St. , al alnada.]

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