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The Chronicle of the Car

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[i!der Tolls. I tI I.:.. II IIii II rio .1 Ii Lii!.. I. :

A NEW ELE(CRIC STARTER THE DROLT. Ti.e B,.ll E¼’,ýrtii Sta I 0 , I whi, we give diagram, is positive so action, and the method u(1mnsongtr:eronI o tnshr fy.nsly-w lhy byC ean of a gear-r-ngn i a grrt improvement tcln-divren donwes, whiochnl o.tpoc aonn fnfnland gea,’ acncmutatlangon the fly-n’I.: and ctoon-lnng Outdotnni on nesod oftigshe staaH

.1 i I I III· ii·. .1 ‘ I’I’ Ii *’ i”`.I I·”’ i&’ I,:~ ‘to L 1 ‘ Ilj- i! 1 ·· 1i:’ I I !:: ( · ;l I I :++ .III k.-.lir’· .:c he h !11 al 111 I: .: I. II “In +1v 1 .u .:1 A.- :.+ ,:IL . m !LI 11.:.:,, ,:I 1I1· ‘? .1 J .1 1,1 _-i- I.~ :-+II- +:·; I . II I 1 I,., bu s r. Itin11ra : vl I I: II. I :. + …1: l 1, .: , . :l I Illl I+.!-I- lii, 1 ,1 5 5″1 .., I L11, , ,r.+ ! ‘Ii ·.: , I1II. m l I In r11 II jtli . .111 Ihilll r. !· :;!i Il.. Il,’ll lulti.il~lll s” a I upsli t soil L..l . 1 – ý nn! ·o I·l I h : 1 1. Pa:1 .1 II· il II I, In’ ,l:

!(.I f (I, a ,,,it t ‘ – n t , r a nu l:t of u r n IIII i/ Llc . lcl.(tl ·; ,III , 5,1111 l”Ilhlll ; I , (.11 t, . qun 7i 11 e cspcttcdi(·11

ln ~ ~ 11 un ntn l set, urniia ‘II~iI , t l iit , Il- t h t o, t it a r’ItC I ItII Ielh Iantl ith 1,11 rem “:It

11 i ,Iigct .t it f pn liii tIlI)IhilkCS .ýI iium l Inhi.(ll lill arc IcloutIt and all tL”:~ II rtljiili”t ril tii r ·nll l-d. iC Xi I -,al li r inrI lifI t;1 1t d~””lltc· II’ Ic I. III lic, -i ILL c ILL l ‘ II lie lil r u It t illc Iin i Is Iut I moat lii IIIII I

t h I hupe to m thIe near tituri. American Racers. I1 . I It thati, I-sle i ltl tcll; iýt ar i i li -tii’lss!ti , ‘*Ill pl’lie-a mnn r,’l theAl o n s 5]llr .t L rt

n n. su cewu.1al hl it not1 barn for the I)ailimler (on- In dIo!,l·ung 1tIh (‘inenll It niould II. inrc have reached its ‘II in tie nt: unihl The slc’ve-valve Portn’r 11tninul (nen n o inn usn n I in thn ‘guns in tin, A’cnlnu

race clcihcic ti:c hmo of the icaimler and .Mlierva totors. Twco sacts a -leeven arc drlien Ity separate eccentric shatils, one shaft (1dnving thle outer andl the other tice inner sleeve- valves. It is stated that these motors develop I25-brake- h p at i9o c reinlut:nms nl the crank-shalt per minute. I Inly hope they itl] not co cut thie clouds of burnt oil sLoke< ildt ,omcc-hac t handcrapped lthe otlcer competitors in the IL le of Alan race l',rpoiato, i in, in dril inc one of the cun- ceai racers., has hcad one1 experience of this nuisance, (ci Ic poducei d a gencIral prIotesl !1rom: the drlvers of the other cars theni It is in interesting race. and it cwill be curious toi see if the poppet-valve hill hihl its own against the sleeve- tal-v type ci motor 1cc. X.

siongI thserr who realise sihat the i ountrv owes at this trme to tile leaders ol tile British Nay there still doubtless re a large demand otee the colour ieproduition of Z1i. Phlihlp de ILaszlo’s [portrait of Viu e-Admiral Sir David leaiy, the henro o tire iieligoland and Dogger Bank naval victories. ” ile picture was nitin adnired at the recent exulllbition or portraits of Brirtis Naval anid lihltarv rromIandrls. ‘lhe reprodu trton is pubished bl thle Piue Art Socrety, t I, New rBond Strict, in colour-facslnilre, at

A FAMOUS FRENCH CAR THE ROCHET SCHNEIDER. The 5o-h.p. Rochet Schneider car illustrated is fitted with a four-seated sporting body and C A.V. Ighting set, and is capable of attaining a speed of nearly eighty miles per hour on the level.-[t’hotocr.iph by . (‘orbctt.]

tihe popular p]rlcis ,l Ilne ginea for pironc,:s snlnild b1n the artist, and lial-a guinca ar print imnpressions. “liL size 1S III, 1) llII llIi>es, u , inth a mo0iullt, 25 bi- 20o. HICllnS. A hannie at natil a-liinl cann also be obtiamcnll.

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Issue 3971. - Vol CXLVI

May, 29 1915

Illustrated London News