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The Chronicle of the Car

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the wli i It apl.ca,- that thle total numbn r of cars registered ::i lt [ ar I:, Intn,(r than ithe stuptondous total of –

AMERICA’S STANDARD AUTOMOBILE AT A 1000-DOLLAR PRICE: THE JEFFERY FOUR. The standard seven-passrenger Jeffery four sells at lo35 dollars; and at roo, dollars without auxiliary seats. The photograph shows the new 1916 model. Enquiries as to it should be addressed to the Thomas B. Jelfery Company, Kenosha, Wisconsin, U.S.A. Shipment can be made direct from the factory to the purchaser.

NYE rN/ESTIO 1Y A GOODRICH RED TUBE ENDURANCE AND RESILIENCY : A TEST. The foremost car pulled the other three, loaded with passengers and weighing four tons, with only one Goodrich Inner Tube between each, through cowded stlcets, stopping and startng. for nearly three mrles. Measured immdiately after this terrific strain, the stretch shown was only three-quarters of an inch, but some two hours later the tubes had actually returned to their original length.

so practualll -, per cent of the ~ars of the s rld roll on S.A. irads or hat thev term roals.

The British Isles come a bad second with 276,690 vehicles, but at least we can claim quality in our cars as csoinliared with quantity. France seems a poor third with 95,400 cars, while Ger- ians’s 71,455 veh’cles seem but a drop in the American ocean of Iillions. But I do not wonder at the latter figure when I read the reports of the New York miiotor show, ansd see what quantities of cars are listed below /2oo English. For under tlhis suns one can purchase sxs-cylnder tourilng vehclues realy for the road, although it is not stated how long they 11ill rensain usable on it. The system of car- iuillg in thei I-S A. is so different from oiur owni. lher cars are bought out of income and swrapped as readily. Here cars are paid for out of capital, and are retained in their ownership as long as possible, becaiuse until tilhe owner has saved enolugh to enable hiii to biuy another car after all ing what he expects to get for his old car -he will not tlhlk of purchasing another. Not so in the land of Stars and Stripes; for if a business llan there is doing well lie btys a car as a yearly part of his expenditure andt sells the old one for what it nmiy fetch, not troubling whether it is much or little His English prototype tries to get as mIllih as possible for his car, and sees that he does so befor-e he parts with it or arranges to replace it w:ih another Here qualities tell , there quantities nlean cheapness ; and the rival systems are in for a fierce competition whesn peace colies and our mIlotor works can get back to their own business again. Somehow or other I feel Ithat quality will win the battle, and I am sure all good motorists will en-

dorse this in their minds. The late Lord Beacons- field said, ” State your facts, but don’t give your reasons,” so perhaps it would be well to follow that astute statesman’s advice and omit from these notes the causes that led me to make the assertion. Our motto has always been ” Brit- ish is best,” so let us see that we keep to it in the competition which will come after the war, and in which we must hold our own. W. V.

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Issue 4009. - Vol CXLVIII

Feb, 19 1916

Illustrated London News