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The Chronicle of the Car

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ln :,,” 1 i 411 ,11′. ] L( ‘ l I ILt – .I lt l a, it uta I. t 4 I 11i 11 ii Ii. Ii I < lii e lli,;ti il I( l"il .1 1 `liil11if I (I 1111 0 11 I 1i= I , 1 III. fii t ITIi -, li' i I Ii( Lrhl tIdllr ..I)0s I tI,) tug IIi 1 n,; i 11 11i, t1 t 1 ti 1, ,u- I11i all I 1 1! 1i i. l.1 t t li ,ir 111 i h(1l it f ulr ti ' r .ri i re t ui1 , , yi 1 h.ln lite !11111 11.1 11 0114 1 .111 U t I II. I ti ll ll )lll~i I:i lith 1,i .1 t i cill . l l hiil, ], :iii - r tlil t111' .i Lt llo the ,tI l o thi I1t ,111,t1 , I ! do far ll ing . ] 7 Ipro1l1 1o,1 tht e (I1I llH° .1111I1t:- I+('io lu "d1 l oI1 1.1" 1h11 ]:llll c'

id . I’ A ~ll . I . IIL 11111 101, A or ,u, nn t i to to i ~ I!0 Slott o m llor. lit I tiitt II c ol 1 p.rn lo~t dott v to .~ ti otiri, to iuuit I D, 11 ýii l ot It 1.o5., I nt ‘ .1 of o t hoiIa1 1 (kliib it I nk il. tle. hrrýl .l1t Il) III a 1115: 1 11ti i iunio. ii ()1rIt th.e n i

a crvllCvlui el l cer- tycltci intlllutec; blut on Sundav I can take it ea–ier a t to , tne. ince, if I miss the one lttimlbut, I “hall ic lt three nullllllltles to wlt for tlhe in-t. And C]hat lhurt 1 thll It it , in the i1,in, the people nkho m.ike mnn t iun alnout tile p i-rlllng of the private lmotorst c lio it- tihe- -errice-s 1 t I nmay be ironlng, l :i, i.lbut :t ei ml- to me to be nio tlher logical nor fair lthat th one i.Clss il motor -uer Tshouuld ie debarred the lise lI ilter -p it for pur]-oe, I heailth aitn retreat on ,hdle alntlieTr iha priactlCliy tree I!Ctecoie. lither restriction is

SPRING AND SUMMER IN SHAKESPEARE COUNTRY: A MOTOR TRIP IN STRATFORD-ON-AVON. Our tllust ton of a r6-,o-hp, Wolseley car near Stratford-on-Avon is a stim.ttng encinder to holiday-makers that the dehghts of Spring aye Natte’ s pelude to the glories of Summer, nd tt many delightful tps may still be made by motorists, despite the inevitable lim ations of war-time.

neces0,rv or it is not. II it is-anld I know it is -then lit u have equahty all rounld. The Work Spe’ok:ng at the annual general meet- of the A.A. ing o the Autonmoble Asoctation the other dli, Mr. Joynson Hicks, M.P., the (‘:irmaln, gave an excellnt account of the work of the A..A. durig the ear under review. Although, in

iommon wsth all institut’ons of its kind, the Association had suiltered from a loss of membership during the war, repre.enting an income loss oi some II)9,ooo per annum, it had been able during the past year to increase the reerve und by over 24,000ooo. This iund had reached such a figure that owhen the war was over no organisation connected with motoring iwould possess such a fighting lund ready to set to work in the interests of the motorist. tie pointed out th:at the active work of the Astocat.on had been very much curtailed by the virtual cessation of motoring in the ordinary ap-

plcaton of the term. Motorists were using their cars for the benefit of the country, and, generally speaking, were dolng whatever lay in their power to help the nation in its time of need. Apropos, he read a letter from S.r John Cadman, the chief of the Petroleum Execusive, which read– ” Mr. Long would be much obliged if you would, on the occasion of the annual meet- ing ol the A.A., take the opportunity of thanking the motoring community for the sacrifices which they have so willingly made in the national emergency. Speaking of the fuel ques- tron, Mr. Joynson Hicks said that before the war the motor- ist had been in the hands of a monopoly which had been drawn very much tighter since ipl 1. The Association in- tended to encourage the pro- duct:on of benzol and the use o! coal-gas, and he further hoped that the Government would continue their nresent

expenments in the production ol fuel from coal and the shales, in order that we might, after the war, be more or less independent of that monoroly. A Rolls-Royce ~essrs. Rolls-Royce, Ltd., notify that Appointment. the board of directors has appointed Mr. Basil Johnson to be General Manager of the Company. W. W.

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Jul, 20 1918

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