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The Chronicle of the Car

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Advertisements Su~m LII I. I trw tttun of Second-Hand o In


llllh1′ W l-,: ery t11nI I .plirtfltll I( 1, llu tnii( 0Il to 6l derntcll hu1n t]u ui’ 0lllit ultltgi, l i I ‘ll!ntoi I1 (|II l’ 1pm11lle1 II tl r, I(t I ote() that 1hil llu ‘t n’l et nu 1si gcnerailt lt’t[ hllowc) d than it1 , ai 11ie I r! *It i 1 11)( ( 111t1i1 v n n I CIt (L il ,t t ton I ;tnh : i I and1 l- fits ,llCal jolt+t ot it, l ,lit It ( )t l th(,e Wurst O k l

pur’h ter, of tseco hand vehicles, and which caused tme inte ,tnoviance . certaill car was adverti-ed as open o urspectlnl at a pl Lie about it dozen mule, out of town. It i-t. i, the Idecript ‘on had beetn correct worth at p’ e’t p reu, iAbouit oo atil. as nO prce iai quloited, I !liought its ownei wvoulld le open to talk reaiontabl- ,tout the tliter I wet idowvn b appointment to see it, ini )lnoud it to le in sunch condition that 200 would hise la lnonI pnc, tbut the man wiho ownied it announcedi thalt hei ould nott sell at aL penny les, than J15o Now, I lite htlt stuL i(45o ill his air. erti-.lement. I should not have troublled lim at ,l, buit as it W’a-, I wasted the best pirt il li11! a, daLy in gUoing to see the tacr Iandi tou meet a lineutt de coeind iit of the chief of tite PFoty Th”l.,e– hicl:, to ,a the le.ist, annoed m Ie I should not mind 11 the epirut(-, e ece sietinlr, tuit it is ontly t pical of what is ltippeniint manyi ttime, it ida Nor, i it it ere unavo:dable, should I compllaln; but the remnedy is so simutle andl so muchi in the halt ow the

tecluttial journtal,, that I dio not he-ltate to ventilatte what i rejlly a genuine grievancei anild to prote-t nimot igor- ouslo against a l perniciout Ipractice. It a nmun ha] ] t car to sell, he know, what he i, prepared1i to take for it He has to statte lhis oir-e someti tile, so why not whelin lie .lttiounces publicly that it is for sale 11 Ihe does not, then his advertisement may tliqte letitiniately be Constrlied into a tltt catchingi device–it is a web spun in the hope of catch- ing the tat test fly. Hand-Controlled Apropox my note of v. Automatic a fortnight ago on Air-Inlets. the subject of auc- ihary air – inlets, I have received the tlolttoing letter from .a vtled cotrrnespondent, who write– I noto in the itortntg Notes of The I!tltathtd I.,-mnn -aus ot Mharch 22 that our econtluttiot r of thlse I Otes i i ,f tilhe In hitht tlhLr I u ntl:ig to beat a halld- uni th *lr l alxili a ir valve for I lotor tcttint-. I hope that yhou nor your able ,ntrtbutor tlI inot he oiltuded wthen I I the ilowt a ut eslttinit : Is he of the t llu it that a tietha iatllryt controlled utt hitr ail-Vtul i -s p–, tit the ,Ii haind – i tr, it- d tIpti ? It hl lohoks juto

the matter, !. iwll indri that such a v alve has been irl- vlI a:;l patentId lby a Sutht W ale i mtoer engieer. Th iiiii inlti lpinl, absolutely unbeatable; apl a dhemiption oi it in yiur salhable paper wouldl, I an sulrre, please

all yuor mtlrig ral rs, of Wich I ant pleased to say I amn le,. I ihIl I very Iltllmuh like to see argtlments taking place n dilitere, ntmutritg pints through your Miotortig Nites. It wnuld be rott appru able by your readeirs. Wshing your paper The adnswer to tile first question is in the affirmative. I certainly do consilder the hand-controlled device, of tile lBowdenl type, greatly superior to any automatic valve which ha, h:therto come under my notice. I am not certa:n that I know the autonmatec valve to which the letter teler,, but, iI the writer will put me in touch with the irentor, I -hall be more than pleased to see the device titnl to prollnounc uln it with it perfectly open mind. The tiouble aboutltt all alitoiatic valves is that they predicate t constant -tate o! atmospheric conditions, whereas we knsow that thoie cond t ins are absolutely unstable II they were not l-tthere would really be no need for auxiliary ittings at all, since a well-de-igned carburetter, such as

.-i? A WINTRY SCENE: A HUMBER IN THE SNOW. The contrast between the loxurious Humber-a new 1919 model two-seater 14-h.p. car– and its wintry setting telis is own story, and compels a thought of the time when sun- -.hin. and ho.iday touring will be with us once rmooe.

the Claudel IIobson or the Zenith, provides, once it has been adjusted to the particular motor it serves, all the automatism to be desired. If the automatic auxiliary lioti

ill, I iii-t it, .I·I tt,; A m c. 1111 crr jr. rIt lII -1 I)II Inn i.ir ilu rill run u1 Ilnl pull ;t’ 1· 1 ·11 Illll t (l( Jl 1 1;·-: 11. r ‘ ti t m Ln I L u g w t r II I t uu Itil!·l Inh~i i·I I; ( ·1 11 1111 1 tlul r , n i) Ill au ., a tnl:i l· : .ii .rU I Iii· i u: L. iii11n1. I-ia lý 1111.1 n. !111 :HI[ ! .u that .n1 ~u

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Issue 4173. - Vol CLIV

Apr, 12 1919

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