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The French Offensive on the Somme: Infantry Attacking; Guns; Harvesting; Artillery Instruction


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The French troops on the Somme have been making continual progress since the first victorious advance. At the moment of writing, their latest maccem b been the m Maurepas and an advance beyond that vilage, since hindered bd bath. An official caEmuniqu6 of August 24 stated: “North b. the Somme a troops .. . attaced the German positi in the Maurpas region, and, after carrying in en csh the part of the ilge which the enemy was sti holding and the adjoini trachs, carriea their lian or see yards beyod, on a front of about mile and a qurter.. .. We took ase ptisoers ad capred cine-gu.” ater ommuniqus, of the sgtb, said: ” Our treops cosoidae thoemehve during the night on the ground ap~d north and nerth-east ofMurepas … On the Semme frot we ctimedL ing the day er artillery fire the German oeganistiom. The amber of prisoners captured by us ing yestrdars fighting aments at peme~ to oo. Bight more madhide-g wer S md o-day i tt pit of Map epas which we han

i .” t~ upper p hoCgraph h this pa shows a typical scene at the pening of a French infantry attack in the Somme area. The troops advanced covered by the French rtil s arrage fie which caliled until they were climbing the oppeate slope. The other three photographs illustrate various activities behind the French front. In one we see some of o Allies’ heavy log-eage gum keepn up thei cmntial bombardment of the German positions and forces behind the enemy’s first line. The incessant shower of big, high-explosive es wich the each gs of this type send ever is doing a great deal to weaken and demoralise the enemy. Another photograph shows how the French artillery is constantly trainig new men to t k her place at the front. In ertain districts the PFrenc have employed their Annamite troops from the Far East on harvest work, owing to the shortage of lMo caused by the w. Agricuituss as Asam natives are at home, the eaperiment should succeed.

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