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The Great War: Prominent Personalities—Naval, Miliatary, Diplomatic, and General

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(ENERAL J()FFRE l um nd – -h so l e

t& ,· j PRINCE ALBERT. WLbo a Mldsipmn aboard H.M.S. Coliwod,” r t Bad Squadron.

IL / jlTHE KING OF T-jE BELGIANS, Who mide Pona App~aI to Krng George for Help. j

THE GRAND DUKE NICOLAS, Commander-m-Chief of the Russian Army in the Field.

LORD KITCHENER, Who was Recalled as he was. leaving England for Egypt.

1= SSIR EDWARD GOSCREN. B;itish Ambassador in Berlin when War was Declared.

REAR[-ADMIRAL C. N. MADDEN, Appointed Chief of Staff to Admiral Si, John R. Jellicoe.

A GaN. SIR S. B. VON DONOPe INho is the Master -Gmerrl of rtnr Ornac. . _i

GEN. SIR J. 5. COWANS, Who ns the Quartermaster-General to the Forces

ii GENERAL SIR C. W. H DOUGLAS. Who s the Chief of the Imprlal General Staiff

MR. JOHN RIEDMONDý W,. announ, ed tir Unto. of Naflorlll.., 4.ý

yj COUNT DE BENCKENDORFFJ Who s the Russin Ambassador .n London.



M. PAUL CAMBON, Who i the French Ambassador in London.

CAPTAIN CECIL F. LAMBERT, R.N. Who is the Fourth Sea Lord (Board of Admiralty).

: SIbR FRANCIS J. S. HOPWOOD, Who a the Addtional Civil Lord of the L Admiralty (Board of Admiralty).

REAR – ADMIRAL A. G. H. W. MOORE, Who i ThErd Sea Lord (Board of Admiralty).

M. DELCASS9, The newly appointed Fre c War Miniter.

‘ i M. JULES CAMBON, French Ambassador at Berlin when War was Decl~echA ! i JJ

a AC– L PRINCE LOUIS OF BATTEN32RG ,Who id Fir Sea Lord Board of Admrralty)

THE RT. HON. G. LAMBERT, Who s Civil Lord ot the Admiralt (Board of Admiralty’.

Who i the new Second Se Lord.

IHE GRAND DUCHESS OF LUXEMBOURG, ehose Neutral State Gerrmny Entered.

r MR WINSTON CHURCHILL, Who ho, boon First Lord of the Admiralty rinoe rgrr.

LORD MORLEY, Who has Resigned the Office of Lo-d President of the Council

THE DOWAGER-EMPRESS OF RUSSIA, ” Held up ” temporanly in Berlin.

THE RIGHT HON. JOHN BURNS, Who has Resigned the PresiAdency of the Board of Trade. Vi — h . ý

THE LATE 1. JEAN JAURES, Who was Murdered after Presiding at an Internotional Peace Conference.

II ii Ii —ii BARON VON SCHON German Ambassador in Parns wlhen War broke out -K]

There is no need for us to say much about the personalities whose portraits figure on this double – page, as they have all been so much in the public eye of late. It may he noted however, that it was announced on August 4 that, with the approval of the King, Admiral Sir John R. Jellicoe had assumed supreme command of the Home Fleets, with the acting rank of Admiral, and that Rear-Admiral Charles E. Madden had been appointed to be his Chief of Staff. Sir John Jellicoe, who is known in the Service as “J. J.,” is fifty-five. In 90oo, as a Captain, he commanded the Naval Brigade and acted as chief staff officer in the Pekin Legation Relief Expedition. After a distinguished career he became Second Sea Lord ii Igrz. He is one of the greatest gunnery experts of the day. It may be added, too, that he is a survivor of the “Victoria,” which sank after being in collision with the “Camperdown ” 0i Tripoli in 1893. – With regard to the King of the Belgians. It need only be recalled that he made a personal and “supreme ” appeal to the King for the diplomatic intervention

of the British Government to safeguard the integrity of Belgium. On August 5 it was stated that he was starting for the front. Mr. John Redmond, it wilt be remembered, nmade the patriotic announcement in the House on August 3 that the British Government might withdraw every one of their troops from Ireland, whose coasts would be defeided by her armed sons, Catholic Nationalists and Protestant Ulstermen acting in union.– The Grand Duchess of Luxembourg, whose neutral State German troops enterei, was born on June 14, 1894, and succeeded in February gr1. – -At the earliest stage of the crisis, M. Jean Jaurbe, the famous Socialist leader and peace advocate, was shot dead after presiding at an internation:l peace conference in Paris. Many tributes have been paid to his memory, by the French Government amongst others.–Lord Morley recently resigned his office as Lord President of the Council, but it was said that he would contin.e the duties unt:l the appointment of a siccessor.

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