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The Heroic Gallipoli Landings: Transports and Captured Guns

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” It is only by visiting the ground,” writes an official correspondent of the landing an the Gallipoli Peninsula, ” that you can realise what a wonderful feat of arms was accomplished there on that historic Sunday, April 25. We now come to the most terrible of all the landings, which took place etween Cape Helles and Sedd-ul Bahr…. The work on the left is a solid one, which has stood the bursting of innumerable shells very well. The two great guns mounted there have been knocked out, and their emplacements badly shattered, but the bomb-proof and ammunition-chambers remain intact … On the right, the picturesque old Castle of Sedd-ul Bahr fronts the Straits.

new sadly battered about by our shells, but nevertheless still presenting a solid mass of masonry in which sharpshooters and guns could ie concealed . . . The attack was held up by machine-guns placed in one of the towers of the Castle, ad our men had gain to take cover while the ‘Conwalis ‘ demolished it with her guns . .. The ruins of Sedd-ul Bahr present an amazing spectacle. The Castle, forts, and village are now little but a jumble of crushed masonry. The guns in the forts lie smuashed into huge pieces of steel, and have been thrown by the force of the explosions several yards. S. The old towers of the Castle are partly standing, although riddled by huge shells.’

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