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The Influenza Epidemic

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Arisin doubtless from various irregularities – dietetic, sanitary, occupational etc.- due more or less directly to the War, a number of mysterious maladies have recently broken out. Here and in other parts of the world an affection of the central nervous system at first suspected of being Botulism, but later nick- named ” Whatulism” for want of definite identification, caused a perhaps unnecessary amount of alarm; Spain and (in a lesser degree) Sweden have been laid under a veritable scourge around which for a time all sorts of alarmist rumours circulated. In connection with this latter epidemic the specific organism of Influenza, the Pfeiffer Bacillus (illustrated above), has been identified; various other grippe-producing organisms (two types of which-Staphylococcus on the left and Streptococcus on the right- are also illustrated) have been observed. In such circumstances experience bids us beware! Already thousands of cases have been reported in London and elsewhere; before we know it Influenza or La Grippe may be upon us in deadly earnest, and ourselves under the domination of enemies more ruth- less and destructive even than the Hun.

The Kruschen Habit is your first line of defence

against the Germ-Hun; it enables Nature to maintain a rich supply of pure and virile blood. Kruschen Salts is a natural aperient and diuretic tonic-not a medicine, but an “aid to nature” in eliminating from the system waste material which poisons and debilitates the blood. The bowel, liver, kidneys, lungs and skin-the body’s organs of elimination -all work better and more regularly under the daily reminder of the Kruschen Hiabit, and with these organs working well and regularly the purity and virility of the blood is ensured. Get the Kruschen Habit-persevere with it! This is the

The modus oiaundi of these disease germs is as follows. They obtain a lodgment in recesses of the nose, mouth and throat, where they generate their virus and distribute it throughout the system via the body’s common carrier, the blood. If yo a//low /i! Nature has evolved an efficient system of defence against these germs. Myriads of tiny corpuscles which travel with your blood-stream are the natural defenders of the central citadel –the nervous system – of your health. They are of two kinds, red and white. The former energise your body to resist infection generally the latter raid these ” Germ-l luns ” in their trenches, kill and (whisper it!) devour them bodily. It rests with you to give these corpuscles a ;air /ficl whilst they fight your battles for you -it is up to you, in other words. to ” keep the ring “. The area of operations is your blood, and if the blood be pure and virile there is not a germ in all bacteri- ology that has the power to impair your energy, effticiency and general well-being.

secret of immunity from epidemics such as the above-and. too, the indispensable condition precedent to their successful treatment. Kruschen Salts-all-British for 16o years -may be obtained of all Chemists at Is. 6d. per bottle, or post free for 2s. in the United Kingdom from E Griffiths Hughes (Kruschen) Ltd., 68 Deansgate Arcade, Manchester. It is also on sale at all British Expeditionary Force Canteens at is. 6d., or will be sent post paid to any member of the I.1.’. abroad at 2s. 6d. tf(r one bottle, 4s. for two bottles, 5s. 6d. for three- prompt despatch guaranteed.

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