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The Man Who Has Answered the Call and the Man Who Has Not; an Argument for Enlistment

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There is a well-known recruiting poster which says: “He is happy and satisfied. Are you? ” Our artist has pointed the contrast between the man who, having enlisted is happy and satisfied, moving with a clear conscience in an atmosphere of general approval; and, on the other hand, the man who has not answered his country’s call, and whose mind is asailed with doubts and depression, as he goes about shamefacedly conscious of the fact that those about him consider he ought to be in khaki. There can be no question which is the happier state, and we trust that our artist’s work may bring home the truth to many eligibles who still hesitate, and induce them to swell the ranks of Lord Derby’s recruits while there is yet time.

The situation was well put the other day by Major-General Sir Francis Lloyd, commanding the London district, who said at a recruiting meeting : ” It is a great scheme that Lord Derby has organised, and it is the last effort for the voluntary system. Is that system to be buried? It is bad to swap horses in the middle of the stream, and it would be a fine thing to go on as we started to victory. What is the alternative to victory ? Defeat first, invasion afterwards, and then the heel of the Prussian upon the head of Britain, and such a military despotism as the world has never before seen ; liberty and freedom gone and the people slaves in their own land.”

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Nov, 20 1915

Illustrated London News