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The Meat Card Illustrated: Rations Shown Pictorially

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The above diagrams represent the weekly quantities of butcher’s meat and other forms of flesh food allowed to adults under the system of meat rations introduced by the Ministry of Food. It will be recalled that only three of the four weekly coupons on the rationing card may be used for butcher’s meat These will have a monetary value. Each of these three coupons will buy 5& worth of meat, representing, roughly, 35 or. if the average price be taken at Is. 4d. a pound The fourth coupon, which has a

weight value, will buy other meats (bacon, ham, poultry, game, rabbits, preserved, cooked, and prepared meats) equivalent to 5 as. of butcher’s meat. All the coupons may, if desired, be used for buying meat other than butcher’s meat. Generally the ration means r} lb. of meat for each adult each week. Children will receive half an adult’s ration. Reduced facsimiles of the meat cards for adults and children appear on our “Science Jottings ” page.–[Dede Coyriged i b U ailed Sides snd C.ad&.]

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Feb, 23 1918

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