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‘A MIT 0′ lX’V.’ Al TIHE kINGSWAY I . I·I , I i e rI I I I .n· I. ‘i – , 1 , I-i iý !h. “I I ý ý III”- u ~ I . “I 11 11 1 i.. p; ‘ W I . p i i: 1III p 1i, pj. l· Ip .1

.1il I·1 · I i . 1,i. n II,,, ‘ S. II III ..u t,. ý II I.I I III” . I ..; ilI . .1 I I I. III I I t , ý Aill I,. -; . Iý n , _. I i Ir; I, 1 1 IIn d.’. Ii* n .1.: l II ILA

I I . ,. … I1i . Ah l ti t ‘ 11 i , , i · i i tI !|.,i h td !l lt ii0 ,,II , ,[ t, : 1 II!

ui. libl sHnar e. ,. It to atItrt, our eon in-foilk I IA T:Ot its IIiharni tihan has thert lanmilI elisp sti , Air ll d Jl tr I- aitt hand to re(iiie hlis part ift n] la ltl” iojckei t, i hose tiiito t ” nerrt an! Unght , still hi h d up to I, tlh onwilan 1r 1)an ir , mp-‘ i lb tto ight Ih tIr. Han I< alit t, so exactly s he del, tt Iati I hIs cprcee, - o r'e II -ks of tiianner, il'e i, e-t taelcis t alist te,, hllew Miss iiniti rtln in the ho-, f i-,s I,11pe eeiirt.rs 11r. Hlary Vcilthman : nd elr alik I .il it, as tle n irng ein it the stoi , irt -IllJ of < ,ta h , . il M iss l i - CourtnII lg, shlls i lla H IENRY OF NAVARRE," AT TtHE STRAND. A' e1 , it Ito tiemili ' [lee " 'prlalhle , ehat H nr I clr i Nattur le Iha, bci hltec( mlt, the pa t(ii of a 1iiero (

1sesrrrrrrrrrrrr ,…. . . u*mF . ,_’ , r. THE TERRIBLE ASCIDENT IN SHEERNESS HARBOUR: THE SISTER OF THE “PRINCESS IRENE,” THE SHIP BLOWN UP– AND IDENTICAL WITH TIlE ILL-FATED VESSEL. TI.,’ Admua.II annmCed oan the SlghA of May 27 that H M. Auxwlary-Ship “Pr:ncesa Iren ” had been accidentally blown up In Sheerness Halbour that tai ng It Is ne.:rod at ngIolnIt f wt.tngh that thee death-aoll numbered z7o, rngudtng crew and dockyald workmen. Three men were ashore at the timr, and at-natanttros aoap’rrdttptrnr:7 – ard. Tnenplonon was te ý. The ” Paronne Ibane ‘wasne of two large steamers completed a short while ago for the Latadat Pau -r Rl,,waY, anad ttendd for the Parfc coast trade. Hrr gros tonnage was 5934. Our photograph shows the “Princess Margaret,” winl1tra I iel lt~a in every detal wa th ttle il1-faerd Prn cets Irene “- 1’t olon t ,rh 71 p ‘r 1 lit t,tt,

Kr;uu th r e ririrlr P,-, rrr Ii orrthr a lass rae hare rear rd. aii]um our unsophisticated Lronrlron ]lainers. it dies ant aItect their certitude tihat HrnVr ltlid Inn Prti strantisn. That tie Itarnadis was among tilr n ri l rr o : ;rrrr r 5st s a fact of cold Irstorv iti::t thS ri, tr it i t;e ruphrl:crnr that he was a irst- sl- ,; [r a rrrrr-l I hias a good fellow, hkE our l t is I1, 1e rra a eranrd lighter, hkE our Hlenry V., Ihe i harlltr , arr o hkr the niran of Arrgrtnrt. ?rr. Surd Irs mii I ri, plaVirlight girc tlhem t, hero nil their fancv m ih Ih Irrr nirl Navarre ” drarra tlr Ich has now ebeen c rd at thr Strrrnd. It nred hardly Ibe added that

Mi-,s Jluha Nic-iin, as Miarcgiiltx c Valois, acli Mit.; Tita I Brand, as the sinlster Mcnlic Quceen. siupport him xwil the right rolmantic ltulci. “THE DAIRYMAIDS.” AT IHE ALDWYCH. (One by one the i:imsical plats that hIax’e foilnd fa-ollr of recent times are being restored lo lth stage duirmlg the; tini of war. so it is ionly right hliat “ih, i)axrtrnaids,’ xhichli pileased so well at the Apollo nmie ?ears ago, si:oulid hate its oilppocrtntity of justilying its former popularit. The score of Messrs. Touiis anid Rubenll s retains its tuneful freshness and sparkle. So that, helped by a company lhat inilu !es a good subslitute for MIr Rolyat in Mer Edwin tDoddis, a hieroine i ]Iho can sing vivaclouslly-nalxcivy, ihss Clara lies k, and a coredienneof Miss Rose Ediouin’s quahty, Mr, ilannister Iloiard’s revival promis:;s to go well.

“THE LAUGHTER OF FOOLS,” AT THE PRINCE OF WALES’S. In Mr. II. F. Malthy, author of ” The Laughter of Lools,” wet get a real acquisitiontt to our band of stage-ur tcrs. His work is the lightest of light Colieis- t-1 wiely’ a ver- sion of the ” Cinderella ” story, stlhI kind old I’ncle John as a substitute for the page of legend, and wilth the ugly sisters re- placed bv this uncle’s family of snobs but lihe has redeelmed lii conven- tonal plot with dialogue which is so lively and sentiment so pretty that oulr hearts go out to hinl and to his three chief characters, and we feel sure that in his next play lie will show courage as tell as cllarm His Clnder- ,Iba was a poor relation, whoimi everlbody used as a servant and abused and

bulled, save ser uitler. who secretly laintettedt his wife and hIIdlreri’s unkinditcss and aping of their betters, and now anld theln got his iwn lback on the insufferable tri. iThe simple but diverting little lable has an excellent cast all through; but the two performers swho give most delight – –apart from tMiss iolet (;raham, a refreshing (Cnderrl le -are Alr. Alfred si:shop, lnmost anuable and lnschlcvos tof old foigites, and Miss IiEva Le Gallicnne, whose slave ctarlned icon- sution and lfurnished delight from her first elitrv. titiian and dibutante, it is liard to say whirch ol the two (ild more for the author.

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Jun, 05 1915

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