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The Return of Willow-Planting

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st lit C) (t ttuhtiIfiIt t lt’ “]ltet 08 ii i ll,. a ijiti’t tt ,f rmal n pne:ds’ ortll of all tllhat pertains to tdle Illsiness, comting to ingland 1rce of duty. Aliong rl’tie tllt’s, 0or on land that (an le nita id ill itt i’atlhcr, oit a top) sitl of loans tith la ,sulisO l LofI ],INy tInl Otwie Ill loturish Some .ot c is hI c II i eln old 1 dietr’l tt’tadot is vetr” iac(sslf ill , aI] ihli. e tthe o tiers a ll vin g served tihot: tinm aru glrubb d up aol the l]od is ploughed, ]i s s toj l hl) i lite( ‘ t11ken, ( ilIbec use the willows S tc it v. ry tilh soil lthi tttheir annualt leaf-fall. It is a gl rni tIIý cultoti toll it] e on le, or ese0 t,11 , hlit stiai h ops frtom iill]]o grout( nd inl tih ite ali itl ie en the o it ali up aind ttit replant. No tha It l ot t i ts Itgurn it git tti e l il a to, th e ltl-, look sot ai etlloenion oft the plantations The gillmtIs stcuid little mo i thtn oatasional t rimmingl , tid ‘the ittIg ,Itn oti of voung gireen shoots; but h i l i lict I nit, less mat il aconstant attention. ( J’ dninlk ! 1:ullng, c1[[11/ . Cta”in , and tying into halls 1 il it dry mn girth according to the dis- tllt, thliese arc the ro, -rs’ tasks; they are not hlght ‘T’heICaftertome ]mlain varied lalours -peel- I ng Ichlnrg, pti ng, (Iryl.ig, gradnmg. It is interest- me to find huIa, in Essex and l-st Anglia, old nmen

i\io Ihale heei1 brought up ini the knowledge of tile Iolslless still rent a fess poles of osier groulnd and carry out ill their spare time all the various labours, itith the assistance of their \ives and children. There are many infstruments employed. simple and rough affairs of the kind that the fillage blacksnilth can produce special cutting- hlItoks planters, peelers. and grublbers W ,r ked in a casual and haphlazard fashion, and It the lace of all lnrestricted foreign competition, it paid many a countriyman to cultivate his ositr- patch before lhe war WVith better methods and increased prices, imported supplies should become superfluous. Another point is that much land admirably suited to xillow-planting is not good for ordina’ry agricultural work because it is too low lying or too \et in the summer. Even brackish water does not injure certain kinds of willow : they can be planted where other trees would die. It is unfortunate that tomte insects attack the trees and osiers very readily; the willow- beetle, willowr-weevil wi;lows-moth, and willow saw- fly are a few that have borrowed their name from the plant they persecute Yet, in spite of draw- backs, willo growing is on the up-grade.

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