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The United Army—Regular and Militia: A Force Capable of Enormous Extension

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Arsu, as ge in the wotam meutlemed, is as flm s–” Infasty, Cavalry, Artifley, and sgin –Soas5; Staf sad Dopsments-2,734; Native Colonial oop.-59z5…. Total, a ranks–o6,774. … In the case of the National Guard, or ergaiaed Militi, the various States maintain the units of all arms with the aid of Mrants from the Federal Government … The organistion has ban asmilated to that of the Regulr Troops. The Prsident can call out the Militia for servie within the borders of the United States The total strength of the National Guad on July 3o, 5, was 8705 offcers sad rao,6p93 e. … The Raaerv or nrganied ilitia, amprieta, with certain eemptions, the whole of the manhood of the nation hetween the sgas of IS and 45., all being legal lible to serve in a national emgo cy for a period of two years,”

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Apr, 14 1917

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