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To Be Nailed or Not to Be Nailed? the Wooden Hindenburg

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Th was uu led a aw days a in Berlia, the big wooden status of Pield Marshal vs H indenbur which is here ilustrated. It was said that the public were to be alowed to delve nils into this, at si mace for an iron nail; tan for a siver sal; and whatever higher price they chose to pay for a gold nail, the proceeds to go to charities.

Since then it has been sid that, instead of bein givae a nail to drive in, each donor will receive a photograph of the slatn and a ” Deasprch” (apherims) in the wriing of the PiRt – Marshal It seems uncertain at the moment which plan will be follwed. At the uneiling, the German ChancelQ r said : ” We have erected a fgure destined to translate the gratitude of the people into active charity.”

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Issue 3987. - Vol CXLVII

Sep, 18 1915

Illustrated London News