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IN OUR ELEMENT YDM The sea is the great British highway to the world’s markets. British shipping interests founded the British Commonwealth. The British Merchant Marine covered the world with a net of commercial trade S, bHiA-Cl. Dn.- .. O..& n . routes. And it was British world-wide commerce that stimulated quick TOBRALCO (Regd.Jw The Cotto WaIh-&d fabric in worMd-wlde u. 27128 inches wide. and frequent overseas communication. The sea is our natural element. elf-wit n indaible colon. TARANTULLE (Regd.): The quality Cotton Fabric for home-swn Lingerie and Baby-wear. The British cotton industry was the pioneer in this great world-over trade In three weigk-40 inch., wid. development. From the very beginning Tootals have been foremost in TOOTAL PIQUE: White and indlibe colon. g43/44 iche wide. this great achievement. For generations British ships have been ploughing TOOTAL SHIRTINGS foI men and women. pathless seas, laden deep with the superior products of Tootal looms. NMRIT-Te Indlib le White nd iadeliblh colon. 40 inches wide. To-day, even more than ever before. Tootals are pre-eminent. With LISSUE HANDKERCHIEFS (Regd.) for ladies increased vigor and efficiency, they continue to foseeter British prestiged indelibld throughout the world. The fame of Tootal-made cotton fabrics is a great PYRAMID HANDKERCHIEFS IRead) for m Correct selfwhite and exdlive indelible and growing factor in the development of British trade. Tootal’s color boder di nd i Guarantee of complete service satisfaction with all their branded fabrics TOOTAL CLOTH: The Guaranteed Velvet Fabrc. Plain and Cord. 27 inches wide. is their crowning achievement in establishing world-wide British TOOTAL BROAD HURST LEE spremacy in cottons. COMPANY Lro.. MANCHESTER LONDON. 3. EiC: PARIS 42. Rue des Joan..: NEW YORK. 3N7. 7th Av,, TORONTO. 702 . Eno, BBi liOK: MONTREAL THE TOOTAL MARK OF QUALITY AND SERVICE 45. SL Aar Stet. MELBOURNE -… G.P.O. 5B. 1035 IS A MARK OF WORLD-WIDE DISTINCTION WELLINGTON – – G.P.O. Boa 604 CAPE TOWN . – G.P.O. Boa 1023 JOHANNESBURG – – G.P.O Box 2-33 Si-L A13 U L CO,

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Issue 4179. - Vol CLIV

May, 24 1919

Illustrated London News