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Urodonal Dissolves Uric Acid

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Dissolves Uric Acid. Eliminates Urea. Stimulates the Kidney Functions. ORHEUMATISM Expels Stones. GOUT. GRAVEL. }Prevents Gravel. NEURALGIA. SCIATICA. ARTERIO- SCLEROSIS. OBESITY. Recomeerndrd by ACIDITY. ‘3 j liiirri ” imbre on Got.” MEDICAL OPINION : A course of URODO)NAL R0l,1NAt Ci mi, l….. lt a. should be taken every month, `a pic l elI for 1 1,mI viz.: one teaspoonful dissolved ploetng ile ,enil. ee, t` .f so h in half a tumbler of water a ,at ol ‘ . i e, sI an e I, h .I thrice daily between meals. cumsn pl a ent a ‘pn oubir t Chronic suflrers from untic ftriom . ‘ng ‘ n f e e ol the hinh- aind complaints shoundalso take renowd s ,i.r t Re RODO..4L as a table water, ” lorewer. a tab-ilcnleli l of by dissolovng one tablespoonful UOIN1 d ssled ,n t.rt in a utart of water, and drink- yieli n baeat b or boir. in the solution either pure, ma, be takn alonr d.c uteid 11:h or dilulted with/ iln€, rider, winr. ber, oal chir 61 hlei not tilr whiskev, etc. 7’his retards the least dangeo i oo ,s I vI – recerrence of uric acid troubles, taxing the soteni or naorea, erven iter prolonerd and almost continuous atd ts bene/ical to eneral ueaof UROI)ONAt.–i. l.IO “”!I., tliuii .ol. l ,.!or. Late a PA.strantothe.lti,:t,l il,.ava’. ,ltd rontalet spiart. health. TRY II’! URODONAL, pricei 5s. & 12s. Prepared at Chatelain’s Laboratories, Paris. Can be obtained from all chemists and drug anles, or direct. post free. 5/6 & 12/6. from the British and ColonialAgents, HEPPELLS, Pharmacists and Foreign (‘hemisto, 164, Piccadilly, London. ,. r., from whom also can be had, post here, the full explanatory booklet,, ” Scientific Remedies,” and “Treatise on Iet.” Acinr ,i Canatda RO00G0FR FR RES b. S Rue Nare DaIn ‘rr, Atnrrea. Canada. Acet I,, ‘ tS I 0OC WAOO. Au.ca. Cu ý’,OreAt,,, you, tre , 00, Ai tJio n r auiroa and siV and I:.NrASGIL coING, A t.ioin i.Cdlngia. MleI-San Las d Sdney (BR'” G P.O. 0.u). a-Al.iniiir O$. 0,.4a. Burma. ani CIdir: G. ATH”R TON & CO..,. CLoo Srie, C iiN.

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