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Vauxhall motor carriages THE Vauxhall car that is to-day part of the nation’s war equip- ment is not wholly the same thing as the Vauxhall motor carriage. The Vauxhall military cars are intended to take the hard knocks of campaigning. The lines and finish of-the body are of a plain kind. The Vauxhall motor carriages built before the war were highly finished, and expressed artistic ideals; they were among the most THlE VAUAIIALL-C HOLMELEY CABRIOLET (INTERIOR DRIVE) expensive of motor carriages, because of the high quality of both chassis and body; and after the war the same class of manufacture For all kinds of weather. The who le top folds back; will be produced in the Vauxhall works. the side windows drop; the windscreen can be slanted inwards or folded over on to the bonnet. The 25 h.p. Vauxhall is considered to be ” the finest car on active service.” Nothing more convincing can be said about its mechanical superiority. Body-work of the best on a Vauxhall chassis is a combination not to be beaten for refinement of appear- ance and distinction of performance – the essential features of a motor carriage. Prospective high-grade car buyers are invited to send for the Vauxhall illustrated war brochure, ” Letters from the Front,” and particulars of the arrange- ments for booking orders for after-war delivery. VAUXHALL MOTORS LIMITED 174-182 Great Portland Street, London, W.1 Admiralty & War Office Contractors

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Issue 4135. - Vol CLIII

Jul, 20 1918

Illustrated London News