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pliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii I VENO S IN THE 1 1 STABLE IH Racer Wins after being Cured by Veno’s 7 “The following letter now filed at the offices of the Veno Drug Co., EE: EE Ltd., proves Veno’s Lightning Cough Cure to be as useful in the stable as the whole world knows it to be in the home. EE: Messrs. The Veno Drug Co., Ltd. Dublin, Manchester. 29th March, 1918. “Gentlemen, The following may interest you as showing the Universal EE Etficacy of your preparation, Veno’s Lightning Cough Cure.’ While stopping with my nephew at Lodge, The Curragh, one of EE the animals contracted a very severe cough, and had to be turned out of training. Two vets, were called in and neither were able to cure it so we EE decided to try your Cough Cure. After the second bottle she began to improve EE (dose of course was pretty large) and 6 bottles made a perfect cure of her. She was able to take exercise in 3 weeks, and a month later won a race. EE This is, I think, unique. ‘Although I am a surgeon myself and do not as a rule patronize the patent and proprietary medicines, still honour where honour is due. Yours faithfully, EE F.R.C. S.I.” EE EE Veno’s Lightning Cough Cure is the Recognised Modern Remedy for EE E= COUGHS AND COLDS m m J DIFFICULT BREATHING E LUNG TROUBLES 1U WHOOPING COUGH EEE NASAL CATARRH I L BLOOD-SPITTING EE EE BRONCHITIS 12 HOARSENESS jEE ASTHMA a Bottle INFLUENZA EE Larger Sizes 1/3 and 3/-. The 3/- size is the most economical. EE Of Chemists and Medicine Vendors the world over. EE EE Insist on having Veno’s and refuse all substitutes.

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Issue 2352. - Vol 90

Oct, 12 1918

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