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AN EXHIBITION at Waring & Gillow’s Galleries CARPETS OF QUALITY at Special Prices. IN the great Rotunda in the centre of our building at Oxford Street we are showing a display of inexpensive British Carpets without equal in the Kingdom, and in the Gallery, leading from the Rotunda, we are exhibiting the finest examples of Oriental Art. We are offering a very iarge quantity of Carpets at special prices, and no matter what price you have in mind, or the purpose for which you require a Carpet, you can secure exactly what you want for less money than you expected to pay. We only stock in every grade the very best Carpets, which will give the maximum of durability and are of artistic design and harmonious colouring. We are the largest buyers of Carpets in the Kingdom, and we are therefore able to purchase at a price which makes it possible for us to give exceptional value to our customers. Specimen Values in AXMINSTER CARPETS ” other “peial rice. … U(.ni rs 5e, … PUFe u~N2 . pUFACta Sol tE~.. Customers are advised to bring measurements. Filling, 27 in. wide … 12/6 … 9/6 per yd. Stair, 221 in. wide … 1213 … 9/3 per yd. No patterns can be sent. Border, 18 in. wide … 10/6 … 8/6 per yd. Stair, 27 in. wide … 12/6 … 9/6 per yd. We have about 4,000o yards of the above Carpets which we are offering to those only who need themi for the carpeting of the r own homes and for whom we can make them up to specific measures for their personal use. ” hey are lower in price than that for which a similar Carpet could be obtained elsewhere, and are not for sale to retailers for re-selling. We reserve the right to limit the number of yards of these Axminster Carpets to each individual customer. FINE GRADE EXTRA FINE GRADE WILTON CARPETS. WILTON CARPETS. For Sitting Rooms, Halls, etc., in The designs in this lot are repro- ductions of famous Persian Carpets .ýLy riV s nýxraYII vY LTD PERSIAN DESIGNS AND COLOURS. and Colourings. 7 ft. 6 in. by 6 ft. 9 in. … : 10:6 They are of the finest quality. 9ft.oin.by6ft.gin … £7: 7:0 loft.6in.by gft.oin. … £13:13:0 Ioft. 6 in. by 6 ft. 9 in. £7: 15:6 12 ft. oin. by ft.oin. … £15:12:0 164-180 OXFORD STREET, LONDON, W.1. roft.6in.bygft.oin. … £10: 7:0 15ft.oin.by ft. 3in. … £24: 7:6 Telep&one: Mseum 5000.

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Issue 4168. - Vol CLIV

Mar, 08 1919

Illustrated London News