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‘JiH will (dated July 25, 1loo) of MR. JOHN ILENRY – BURLEY, of The Grange, Leamington, Warwick, who died on Nov. 16, has been proved, the value of the estate being j123,048. Testator gives /21,0o0 to his faithful housekeetper EIia l.oweth ; /5000 to the Leicester Infirmary; (2000 to the Cancer I lospital, Fullhaim Road; 2000 each I to the (‘l:Ildren’s Htospital and the Institution for the Bhind, Leicester; and the ultimate residue to found and endow all nshouses at L.eicester for widows and daughters of solicitors, doctors, clergymen, literary men, ar:sist and oificers ol the .A1iodv and Navv whose fathers, husblan(sl, or mothlers were born or resided in Leicestershire. The will (dated May 26, 1914) o AMR. THOMAS BELL, Of 2 1, \ idsor Terrace, Newcastle, and tHesleyside, Belling- haiI, challran of the North-Eastern Bank, who died on Sept. 19, is piovecd, the value of the estate almoulnting to 50l.,598. Testator gies 300ooo a year to his wife ; /£30o to Armstrong C’l lege; ftooo each to the Royal Infirmary and the Flemnlg lemorial Hlospital, Newcastle; £17,500 each tt his daughteris Constame and Kathleen; 7500 each to his daughters Mrs. Pollock and Mrs. Rbitson; and the recsidue to lis sons. The will of AIR. ILLIAM IfOBERT GALBRAITH, Of c1, Finchley Road, who dclcd on ()t. 5, is proved by \Vlliha Lyle (Iallrailth, son, Iliza Liddell Galbraith, daughter, and I)r. Henry W. (Gbson, the value of the property being £88,879. He gives an annuity of {zoo to hi, sister Helin I’. Wilson ; an annuity of £6o to his clerk John liddell Potter £60bo to St. John’s Wood Presbv- terciin C(hutrch in Mlarlliorough Place; legacies to executors andl servants ; and the residue as to one half to his son and one hall in trust for his daughters Eliza I.lidell Gal- blraith and Christian Mary WIhitchorn. The will (dated Sept. 13, 10o5) of COLONEL (ORDON CIESNEY \’ILSON, A’L.O., (Royal Horse Guards, of 21. IHertford Street, Mayfair, who died on Nov. 6, is proved by Ladiy Sarah Wilson, the widow, and Earl Howe, the value of the estate amounting to t189,23o. He appoints his interest under a deed of settlement of a policy of insurancei on his life for £50,00o to his sons Randolph and Alan. All his property is to bIe held in trust for his wife for life, with remnaindler to his said two sons. The following important \-ills have been proved- Baroness Pirblright, Pirbright, Surrey, and II, Avenue d’lIna, Paris, so far as can at present bie ascertained . . . . . £225,000oo Miss Clara Thomas, Llwyn Aladoc, Brecon, and Penkerrig. Radntlnr . £133,640 Ir. (;eorge Alexander Gale, Crookley, Horndean, IHants . . . . . . . . £93,177 iMr. Edward Rosling, Melbourne, Chelmsford . £65,114 Lieut.-Colonel Edwin Berkeley Cooke, M.V.O., Ist Life Guards, Roydon Hall, Tonbridge, died from wounds . … . £81,274 Captain Stuart Duncan, Gloucester Regiment, 24, Chester Street, S.W., killed in action . £13,852 Lieut. Arthur Widdrington Herdman, Shrop- shire Light Infantry, Crescent Parade, Ripon, killed in action . . . . o10,952 Lieut. George G. B. Paget, Northamptonshire Regiment, Great Houghton, Northampton, killed in the battle of the Aisne. . . 9,500

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